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New ways of controlling with incontinence!

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Ever experienced those 'oops'; leak down there? Usually, that’s how urinary incontinence starts. People with this medical condition frequently have urges to urinate.

For other people, the disorder results in an inability to control the bladder. Both men and women can have urinary incontinence (UI). While women tend to experience it twice as often, up to almost 45%. Also, problems with UI tends to increase with age.

There are several types of urinary incontinence including -

Stress incontinence – Urination when your bladder is under pressure, for example, when you cough or laugh

Urge incontinence – Urination when you feel a sudden, intense urge to pee, or soon afterwards

Overflow incontinence – When one is unable to fully empty their bladder, which causes frequent leaking

Total incontinence – Urination when the bladder cannot store any urine at all, which causes you to pass urine constantly or have frequent leaking

In order to control or manage this here are a few ways that you can follow -

Making lifestyle changes - Changes such as cutting down on caffeine and alcohol can be helpful to a person suffering from incontinence. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages increase urine production. Hence, it is advisable to limit the consumption of these. Moreover, doing pelvic floor exercises, which are sometimes can strengthen your muscles to support your organs, improve bladder control, and prevent urine leakage. However, you can use adult diaper pants to stay in control at all times.

Maintain a healthy BMI - Being overweight or obese is associated with a higher risk of developing urinary incontinence. In fact, a study showed that older adults are no less prone to incontinence than those with high BMI. For cases like these, there are diaper pants for adults that come in handy when things go out of control.

Bladder training - Learning ways to wait longer between needing to urinate and passing urine. Bladder training is a behavioural therapy that aims to increase the time between urinating. Muscles control the bladder, which means that the muscles can be strengthened in a similar way to working out your biceps and quadriceps. A few ways to learn it are -

  1. Schedule bathroom visits
  2. Delay urination with caution
  3. Do not rush to the bathroom
  4. Avoid unhealthful habits
  5. Distract your attention
  6. Try delaying tactics
  7. Practice pelvic floor exercises
  8. Continue to drink plenty of water
  9. Limit drinks that increase urination

However, use adult diaper pants if things get out of hand

Try yoga - Trying out yoga may go some way to reducing symptoms of urinary incontinence. It can help people with urinary incontinence gain more control over urination and avoid accidental leakage. Yoga asanas designed to improve pelvic health have a 70% reduced chance in urine leakage. Also, one can use diaper pants for adults while still in the process of learning control over their bladder.