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5 Things To Watch Out For When Buying Adult Diapers

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Just imagine how uneasy it gets when you’re travelling by bus and you need to urinate; but the driver does not want to (or in some cases, cannot) stop the bus. So, the only option you have is to wait.

People suffering from incontinence go through much worse in their daily lives, if the incontinence woes are not managed properly. There are two primary types of incontinence, namely:

i) Urinary incontinence - involuntary release of urine from the bladder, &

ii) Bowel incontinence - the involuntary release of faeces from the bowel.

Adult diapers are a great way to manage incontinence. There is a strong need to raise awareness about the importance of adult diapers in India because people shy away from admitting or treating it properly due to embarrassment. With adult diapers, one can not only manage incontinence but also protect themselves from its consequences, like skin infections or rashes. However, there are certain things that one needs to keep in mind while buying adult diapers.

1) Absorbency Level

The level of absorbency that one’s diaper needs to have depends on the amount of leakage. It is ideal to buy diapers with quick liquid absorbency and high retention capacity, for those who suffer from severe urinary incontinence. However, for those who suffer from mild incontinence, diapers with medium absorbency are apt. During the night time, one is more likely to release a large quantity of urine, so overnight diapers are recommended as they are highly absorbent. At Friends Adult Diapers, you will find the best adult diapers that offer up to 16 hours of protection and are super-absorbent, to protect your skin from getting moist, which in turn, prevents skin irritation.

2) Size

The size of an adult diaper is the most important factor to consider. If it does not fit properly, one would not only feel uncomfortable but would also face the issues of rashes or leakage. If possible, one should try a sample before buying diapers, so one does not have to go through any hassles afterwards. We have a wide range of adult diapers available in various sizes, including Small, Medium, Large and XL.

3) Odour Eradication

Odour eradication is one more significant factor to keep in mind, in order to save the person from embarrassment and to maintain proper hygiene. No one wants to smell bad. So, it is important to look for high-quality diapers that manage incontinence as well as minimize the existence of the bacteria that causes odour. This also decreases the possibility of bacterial skin infections. Our range of Friends Adult Diapers has an odour lock feature and has cloth-like breathable sides that allow proper airflow.

4) Leakage Protection

It is essential to ensure that the diaper one buys does not leak. For that, one needs to find the right size of the diaper, so that it fits properly. Ideally, if a diaper feels heavier than usual, it is time to change it, since it would start leaking if used further. Once you know the diaper is full, there will be less chance of leakage. Friends Adult Diapers provide a feature called ‘wetness indicator’, that responds to a display of liquid, which means that the diaper needs to be replaced. Other than preventing leakage, it protects one’s skin from bacterial infections as well as keeps it healthy and dry.

5) Comfort

Comfort is high on the list of parameters, when it comes to buying diapers. One should ensure that the diaper does not ruin their comfort level as well as appearance. So, they should choose the right clothing that conceals their diapers, and should opt for a diaper that is compact and fits perfectly. Our adult diapers come with a breathable cloth-like back sheet, that provides immense comfort and ensures no skin problems.


People who suffer from bowel or urinary incontinence are also prone to psychological issues like depression and stress. It is very important to encourage them to be vocal about their incontinence issues and shrug off the embarrassment. If any of your family members or friends suffer from incontinence, make them aware of how effectively adult diapers can tackle this issue, so they can live a better, more relaxed life.