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Level of Flow

We make a variety of products designed to suit Depending on your extent of flow, use this function to help select the right products for your need.

State of Mobility

Depending on your state of mobility, we can suggest products that focus on your comfort and work with your lifestyle.

Average Duration of Use

This is a general approximation* of how long you would usually expect to wear a diaper for, depending on your level of incontinence and your lifestyle.

* Actual utility period of product may vary.


You can use the size guide provided on product pages to identify which size is right for you.This guide can be found on product pages by clicking on the ToolTip "(?)" located near the size selector.


Our Subscription Service

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Don’t fret. Let us help you find the right product for your needs

Philosophy behind our Subscription Service

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That’s why we have developed an automated monthly diaper-subscription plan to make your life hassle-free. There's now one less thing to worry about!

All you need to do is, select your product mix, select the preferred days for delivery and put in your payment details. Your product will be delivered on the selected days as per the selected plan.

  • Delivery till your doorstep, anywhere in India
  • Save more when pre-ordering
  • Freedom to edit the plan at any time along with option to fast track your order
  • Even if you run out, you can fasttrack yourorder at any time