Help Guide

Learn How to Wear & Dispose diapers

Read through our help guides below to learn how to properly use and dispose of your diapers.

How to wear a Tape Style Diaper while standing (without assistance)
How to wear a Tape Style diaper while lying down (with assistance)
How to wear a Pant Style diaper while sitting/standing (without assistance)
How to use underpads
How to use Insert Pads
How to remove Tape-Style Diapers with assistance
How to remove Pant-style Diapers without assistance

Size Chart

Size Small Medium Large X- Large XX- Large
Waist/Hip 25-28" 29-32" 33-36" 37-40" 40-43"
Adult Rise 27½” 28½” 29" 31" 33"
Youth Rise 25" 251/2" 271/2" 281/2" 291/2"

You can change your size at any point of your subscription duration by selecting Edit your plan from your profile screen

Grab a tape measure and find your best fit

Use a tape measure to find the widest partof your body (i.e waist or hip) in inches. Use this to determine the right size of product for you using the chart provided.

  • waist size
  • waist size
  • waist size