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Pant Style Adult Diapers

Friends Dry Pants are easy-to-use underwear type diapers for adults. Designed to manage moderate to heavy urine leakage both in men and women, our pant type adult diapers are made with the highest quality materials from around the world. Superabsorbent, leakproof, Friends pant style adult diapers are also customized with aloe vera extracts for maximum skin protection. You can buy Friends Pull Up Diapers for adults wholesale from a known vendor, or purchase them from a chemist, e-commerce stores or here from our website.

Friends Overnight Diaper Pants
Rs. 700.00 Rs. 560
Pack of
Friends Premium Adult Dry Pants
Rs. 550.00 Rs. 498
Pack of
Friends Classic Adult Dry Pants
Rs. 500.00 Rs. 414
Pack of

Tape Style Adult Diapers

Our super soft, superabsorbent Friends Tape Adult Diapers are designed for those with low mobility who are able to avail of caregiving assistance. Unlike other single tape adult diapers, Friends adult tape diapers have two highly-advanced resealable tapes that can be adjusted to match the users’ exact needs. The Friends Easy adult diaper tape attaches to a plastic landing zone in the front of the diaper, while our Premium variant comes equipped with the more advanced velcro technology. Both ensure comfort and leakage-safety for you and your loved ones!

Friends Easy Adult Diapers
Rs. 500.00 Rs. 450
Pack Size
Friends Economy Adult Diapers
Rs. 425.00 Rs. 326
Pack Size
Friends Overnight Adult Diapers
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 582
Pack of
Friends Premium Adult Diapers
Rs. 525.00 Rs. 507
Pack Size

Additional Products

Our range of ancillary products include Adult Insert pads, Diaper pads for adults, Disposable Adult Under pads, Bed bath towels, and Maternity pads for women.

Friends Classic Underpads
Rs. 425.00 Rs. 235
Pack of
Friends Adult Insert Pads
Rs. 195
Pack of
Friends Premium Underpads
Rs. 600.00 Rs. 275
Pack of
Friends Maternity Pads
Rs. 195
Friends Bed Bath Towels
Rs. 240

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