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Superb Delivery

I have been ordering diapers for my father from Nobel since some time, their prices are reasonable as they are the manufacturer themselves, delivery is fast, reaches me in 2-3 days, on one instance I even got the diapers replaced due to size issues, they readily sent the replacement. Can surely vouch for their deliveries and support...!!

Rajesh Gambani

Software Engineer
Loves going on Treks with his Parents

Customer Review - Rajesh Gambani

Great Absorption

I have purchased Friends diapers & other products for my Mother & happy to say that these Adult Diapers are certainly the best product in the market as compared to any other brand or product. I love the product and has also recommended to few of my friends as well who are buying these products now.

Basant Sandooja

Loves taking his mother on Roadtrips

Customer Review - Basant Sandooja

Excellent range of Products

A big thanks to Friends Adult Diapers for varied types of products in the adult segment not many companies deliver "upto the mark" products in india. After trying out quite a few products from other manufacturers i can happily say i have settled for Friend's range of products

Gaurav Lall

Customer Review - Gaurav Lall

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How to manage incontinence with kidney problems?

How to manage incontinence with kidney problems?

Our body’s urinary system helps remove waste products from our system and maintains the body’s fluid levels. The urinary system mainly comprises of the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. The main function of the kidneys is to filter the waste and extra fluid from the blood, thereby regulating the chemical balance of our body. The urine flows from the kidneys through the ureters into the urinary bladder. When the bladder gets full, the urge to urinate is a signal to empty the bladder. However, in this entire process, even if one of the organs is unable to perform its function well, the person starts experiencing difficulties with urination. This gives rise to disorders like urinary incontinence. Bladder Problems – Why and What? Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the release of urine, often resulting in the passing out of urine even before one reaches the bathroom. Although urinary incontinence can affect younger people, it is usually associated with the elderly. This is because as one ages, the muscles and the organs of the reproductive and renal system start changing, which in turn affects the proper functioning of the kidneys and urinary bladder. The nephrons in the kidneys that... Read More

Managing incontinence in the journey of pregnancy

Managing incontinence in the journey of pregnancy

From taking a pregnancy test to holding your little baby in your arms, motherhood is truly an incredible time of transformation for every woman. Most women report various symptoms—such as fatigue, morning sickness, frequent urination and minimal weight gain—by the first eight weeks, some of which are challenging to deal with. Frequent urination is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, and as a woman’s body changes to accommodate a growing baby, to-be mothers often start experiencing urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the release of urine. People who experience incontinence, may feel an urgent need to urinate or may leak urine between trips to the bathroom. The release of urine is a common symptom during and after pregnancy because the urinary bladder is under the uterus and with the baby growing in the uterus, the bladder gets squeezed. This creates extra pressure on the pelvic muscles, creating the urge to urinate more often. By the last trimester, the weight of the growing baby accompanied with fluctuating levels of the hormones relaxin and progesterone affects the lining of the bladder and urethra. Even simple physical movements like coughing, sneezing, or laughing can result in leaking urine. It... Read More

Diabetes - The Silent Killer

Diabetes - The Silent Killer

Diabetes is a medical condition which occurs when the pancreas fail to produce insulin for moving glucose into the cells in our body. This causes blood sugar levels to become higher than normal and leads to a build-up of sugar in the bloodstream. It is said that having one medical condition can increase the risk of contracting other health issues in the body. Diabetes is often known as the silent killer because it brings several other disorders and symptoms in its tow. One of the chronic conditions that is associated with this silent killer is urinary incontinence - the uncontrollable urge to urinate which leads to accidental release of urine at any point of time. This is because the high blood sugar levels caused by diabetes often triggers thirst in a person. This increases the amount of urine produced in the body and thereby makes the person urinate more.   Furthermore, diabetes causes complications by damaging the nerves of the urinary bladder that control the flow and extent of urine. This condition is known as autonomic neuropathy which compromises on one’s immune system as well. It makes a person, especially the elderly prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs) as well... Read More

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