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Superb Delivery

I have been ordering diapers for my father from Nobel since some time, their prices are reasonable as they are the manufacturer themselves, delivery is fast, reaches me in 2-3 days, on one instance I even got the diapers replaced due to size issues, they readily sent the replacement. Can surely vouch for their deliveries and support...!!

Rajesh Gambani

Software Engineer
Loves going on Treks with his Parents

Customer Review - Rajesh Gambani

Great Absorption

I have purchased Friends diapers & other products for my Mother & happy to say that these Adult Diapers are certainly the best product in the market as compared to any other brand or product. I love the product and has also recommended to few of my friends as well who are buying these products now.

Basant Sandooja

Loves taking his mother on Roadtrips

Customer Review - Basant Sandooja

Excellent range of Products

A big thanks to Friends Adult Diapers for varied types of products in the adult segment not many companies deliver "upto the mark" products in india. After trying out quite a few products from other manufacturers i can happily say i have settled for Friend's range of products

Gaurav Lall

Customer Review - Gaurav Lall

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Tests for Urinary Incontinence

Tests for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence is a loss of bladder control where, a person cannot prevent urine from leaking out. It is caused due to different reasons but at times, it can be a temporary problem caused due to an infection or other temporary issue. But in some cases, it leaves changes in the muscles around the bladder and thereby the problem is retained. In order to manage and cope with urinary incontinence, it is important to determine the type. Quite often, the symptoms can help with the determination. Here are a few things that act as enablers for the doctors or the healthcare providers - When did your symptoms start, and how severe are they? Are your symptoms continuous or occasional? How often do you need to urinate? When do you leak urine? Do you leak when you cough, laugh or sneeze? Do you have trouble emptying your bladder? Have you noticed blood in your urine? Do you have any pain or burning sensation when you urinate? They will even ask questions about other things that could be causing Urinary Incontinence, such as - Do you smoke? How often do you drink alcohol and caffeinated beverages? How often do you eat spicy,... Read More

Acing different life stages with incontinence

Acing different life stages with incontinence

Most children are toilet-trained or develop bladder control between the ages of two and three. This control is then retained throughout their adult lives. Due to certain factors, when this control is lost by adult men or women, it is referred to as Urinary Incontinence. Incontinence can occur at any age, but it’s not an issue many are willing to discuss. It is known to have affected around 200 million people worldwide. Urinary Incontinence is twice as common in women as in men. Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause are major reasons for the increased prevalence of incontinence in women as compared to men. Between the ages of 18 and 44, approximately 24% of women experience incontinence while approximately 23% of women over the age of 60 deal with it. Often, people tend to rely on various different ways to manage urine leakage, but one of the most convenient ways is to use adult diapers that are available at reasonable prices. Let’s have a look at what could be the reasons for having Incontinence at the different stages of life: Younger women Women with the following problems are more prone to fall prey to urinary incontinence - Obesity issues Constipation Regularly lifting... Read More

Stay fresh and free from urine leakage during summers!

Stay fresh and free from urine leakage during summers!

Summer is the season that is synonymous with fun and frolic. It’s the time to get your checklist out and tick all the fun activities. However, for a person suffering from incontinence, the scorching heat acts a hindrance in their daily activities. In order to take control of your life and your summer with the following tips - Hydrate Staying hydrated is a big requirement for everyone especially for someone suffering from incontinence, as they tend to pass urine with higher frequency as compared to others. It is a common misconception that drinking more liquid leads to more leakage, while the fact of the matter is that one is required to consume optimum amount of fluids, especially water, to stay hydrated during the summer. For instance, it is suggested that a person suffering from urine leakage must have six glasses of water of which around 1.5 litres is lost from the body through urine and about 500 ml is lost through breathing and perspiration. However, a person must consider the balanced meal full of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, etc, to cover the partial water intake required for their body. Although, the remaining fluid intake should not include any fizzy or... Read More

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