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Why Use Friends Adult Diapers:

  • ZERO LEAKS: Friends diapers for old age are filled with high-quality imported Super Absorbent Polymer. This SAP instantly converts liquid to gel, locking it inside the diaper giving the user a quick, leak-proof, dry feel.

  • COMFORT FIT: Friends unisex adult diapers are super-soft, super-sleek and super-absorbent. This triple-combo makes sure users can wear them for long hours be it for work, or for a good night’s sleep.

  • SKIN SAFE: We understand how sensitive your skin is! That is why Friends diapers for older persons are anti-bacterial and aloe vera-treated. The special anti-bacterial layer protects you from infections while the goodness of aloe vera keeps away rashes, itching and redness.

  • SLEEP FRIENDLY: Friends Overnight adult diapers are designed to absorb liquids for upto 16 hours. This ensures users get upto 12 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep free of leaks, stains and constant bathroom breaks.

What Our Customers Say about Friends Diaper

Customer Review - Rajesh Gambani

Superb Delivery

I have been ordering Friends diapers for my father from Nobel since some time, their prices are reasonable as they are the manufacturer themselves, delivery is fast, reaches me in 2-3 days, on one instance I even got the adult diapers replaced due to size issues, they readily sent the replacement. Can surely vouch for their deliveries and support...!!

Rajesh Gambani

Software Engineer
Loves going on Treks with his Parents

Customer Review - Basant Sandooja

Great Absorption

I have purchased Friends diapers & other products for my Mother & happy to say that these Friends Adult Diapers are certainly the best product in the market as compared to any other brand or product. I love the product and has also recommended to few of my friends as well who are buying these products now.

Basant Sandooja

Loves taking his mother on Roadtrips

Customer Review - Gaurav Lall

Excellent range of Products

A big thanks to Friends Adult Diapers for varied types of products in the adult segment not many companies deliver "upto the mark" products in india. After trying out quite a few adult diaper products from other manufacturers i can happily say i have settled for Friend's Diaper range of products

Gaurav Lall

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Friends Diaper Blogs

A Caregiver's Guide to Manage Incontinence in Elders

A Caregiver's Guide to Manage Incontinence in Elders

If you are a professional caretaker or someone caring for your loved one who is bedridden and suffering from urinary incontinence, you have to undertake the task of helping them pass urine, changing adult diapers and keeping their morale up as they deal with this issue.  Urinary Incontinence causes both urine leakage and hampers mobility, leaving a patient bedridden or unable to carry out day-to-day tasks without assistance. It is defined essentially as the loss of control over bladder or bowel movements. Being a caretaker for someone suffering from bowel or urinary incontinence is exactly like taking care of a... Read More

Diabetes - The Silent Killer

Diabetes - The Silent Killer

Diabetes is a medical condition which occurs when the pancreas fail to produce insulin for moving glucose into the cells in our body. This causes blood sugar levels to become higher than normal and leads to a build-up of sugar in the bloodstream. It is said that having one medical condition can increase the risk of contracting other health issues in the body. Diabetes is often known as the silent killer because it brings several other disorders and symptoms in its tow. One of the chronic conditions that is associated with this silent killer is urinary incontinence - the uncontrollable... Read More

Incontinence may lead to severe depression in old age

Incontinence may lead to severe depression in old age

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that inhibits a person to hold their urine until they reach a restroom. This loss of bladder control leads to voiding of urine at any point. This condition is nearly twice as common in women as in men and can occur due to various medical reasons. Urinary incontinence becomes more common as one ages and with time, it starts affecting the overall quality of life of the elderly. Urinary incontinence is a topic that most people avoid talking about. This is mainly because of the lack of awareness among people coupled with the prevailing... Read More

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Friends Adult Diaper FAQ's

Q. Why are Friends diapers the best adult diapers?


A. India’s first and oldest adult diapers brand, Friends has 20+ years of experience in providing quality care to users. Our constant attention to quality, comfort, and customer needs has kept us at the No 1 position. We take pride in the faith our users place in us, sometimes for over a decade. Why are Friends the best adult diapers? Use it to know it. :)

Q. Which is the thickest and most absorbent diaper among Friends Adult diapers?


A. The star at Friends adult diapers India is the Friends Overnight Diaper. Made in both tape-style and pant-style, this diaper is built to absorb leakage for upto 16 hours. With over 3x the regular amount of absorbent polymer, super soft, and aloe vera enhanced, the Overnight Diaper is crafted to ensure maximum comfort alongside maximum absorbency

Q. How many hours does a Friends adult diaper last?


A. Adult diapers are built to cater to specific needs. A Friends Insert Pad, built for those who leak a few drops of urine while engaging in activities such as laughing, sitting or coughing, for example, can last for 5-6 hours. The Easy and Premium Adult Diapers, meanwhile, are built for slightly heavier incontinence, and can hold leakage for upto 5 hours and 8 hours, respectively. The Overnight Adult Diaper, finally, is our most absorbent product and can withstand even the heaviest of leaks, for upto 14-16 hours.

Q. Can I get Friends diapers for wholesale price?


A. Certainly! If you are a business, please write to us on with your name, contact number, establishment address, and exact query. Our Sales Team will get in touch within 5-7 days. If you are a customer, we would advise you purchase Friends Unisex Adult Diapers only from authorised online and offline sources. Always check for the trademark and the product batch details (printed along the underside of each diaper) to make sure you have purchased an authentic product.

Q. How to choose an adult diaper?


A. Elderly diapers must be chosen according to the requirements they are expected to meet.

  • First, determine the amount of leakage the patient is facing. If it is only a few drops an insert pad will do. If it is a large amount, go for a Premium or Overnight Type.
  • Second, consider the number of hours the elderly diaper is to be used for. If it is for travelling, a full day at work, or an important event, consider a Premium Diaper which is capable of absorbing for upto 8hours. If it is for shorter durations, choose an Easy Diaper or an Insert pad.
  • Finally, understand the user. If the patient is bedridden and has a caregiver to help them wear/remove their diaper, choose Tape-Style. If they are mobile, use the underpant-like Pant Style.

Q. Is there any separate diapers for old age?


A. No! There are no specific diapers for old age. All ‘old people diapers’ are also young people diapers! Diapers help deal with incontinence caused due to pregnancy, diabetes, stroke, surgery, etc. These can occur at any age. It is safe to conclude, thus, that there is no thing such as a diaper for older person, just diapers for those who need it. :)