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Superb Delivery

I have been ordering diapers for my father from Nobel since some time, their prices are reasonable as they are the manufacturer themselves, delivery is fast, reaches me in 2-3 days, on one instance I even got the diapers replaced due to size issues, they readily sent the replacement. Can surely vouch for their deliveries and support...!!

Rajesh Gambani

Software Engineer
Loves going on Treks with his Parents

Customer Review - Rajesh Gambani

Great Absorption

I have purchased Friends diapers & other products for my Mother & happy to say that these Adult Diapers are certainly the best product in the market as compared to any other brand or product. I love the product and has also recommended to few of my friends as well who are buying these products now.

Basant Sandooja

Loves taking his mother on Roadtrips

Customer Review - Basant Sandooja

Excellent range of Products

A big thanks to Friends Adult Diapers for varied types of products in the adult segment not many companies deliver "upto the mark" products in india. After trying out quite a few products from other manufacturers i can happily say i have settled for Friend's range of products

Gaurav Lall

Customer Review - Gaurav Lall

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Ways to avoid diaper leakage in adults

Ways to avoid diaper leakage in adults

The onset of urinary incontinence or the sudden, unavoidable leakage of urine can bring a cloud of anxiety, despair and embarrassment to the patients. Despite taking medicines and using incontinence aids to manage their urine flow, patients are always worried about leakage.  Urine leakage can be well managed with the use of incontinence products like diapers made for adults. Even with super absorbent diapers, sometimes leakage can occur due to various reasons. This can affect the patient and their caretaker in more than one way. Hence it is best to familiarize oneself with ways to avoid diaper leakage. 1. Choosing... Read More

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What is Incontinence?
Urinary incontinence is a common old-age problem that refers to the loss of bladder control. It makes it difficult to manage the release of urine, resulting in leakage at anytime, anywhere. Urine leakage due to incontinence is more common in women, than men and can also be triggered due to coughing or sneezing. The uncontrollable urge hampers day-to- day activities creating discomfort. This is where adult diapers can help manage urine leakage in a better way. There are various tape and pant style adult diapers available that are made of absorbent layers to manage incontinence for long hours. The adult diapers are easy to wear and are specially made for the Indian body type. They are your true FRIENDS that help you manage incontinence and lead a normal life.

How to wear adult diapers?
The Friends diapers can be used for mild to heavy incontinence. Adult diapers available as pant style and tape-style. You can wear the adult diapers in a standing position in the following ways:
1. Put your legs through the leg gaps and position the open diaper on the back. Raise the lower panel between the legs
2. Fasten the tapes on either side to provide a comfortable fit
3. Lastly, fasten the upper tapes as well
If you are making a bed-ridden individual wear the adult diapers, it can be done in the following ways,
1. Slide the diaper through the back of the individual. Make sure to keep the diaper open and raise the lower panel between the legs
2. Fold the diaper over the waist
3. Fasten the lower and then the upper tapes You can carry out your daily activities wearing diapers and manage incontinence effectively. These diapers can also be worn overnight.
At what age does incontinence occur?
Incontinence is usually found in both men and women above the age of 40 years. In some women, it can be seen during pregnancy and then again during the menopausal years. Urine leakage in women is more common as your progress towards old age and can be caused by weak or overactive bladder muscles.

Everything special about Friends Adult Diapers & Underpads
Friends has spent two decades producing quality products that has made us the #1 adult diaper manufacturer in India. The Friends diapers come in tape-style and pant style diapers that can be worn conveniently. The adult diapers have a top sheet accompanied by ADL (Acquisition and Dispersal Layer) that ensure the urine is evenly distributed throughout the diaper, preventing leakage. They contain Antibacterial SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) that is gentle on the skin avoiding rashes and roughness. Friends diapers also manage odour with the odour lock technology while maintaining incontinence in men and women. Available in Medium (M) to Extra Large (XL) sizes, they are available in different packs. Underpads help to protect your mattress by preventing urine leakage and stains. They are also made of SAP and wood pulp that control odor, rashes on the skin, and absorb the urine. They are available in an ultra-thin, Classic variant, and a thicker Premium variant. Make adult diapers and underpads a daily part of your lifestyle. Use Friends diapers to manage incontinence with ease.