Friends Bed Bath Towels

Friends Bed Bath Towels

Microwaveable Bed Bath towels an conveninent alternative to a sponge bath
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Microwaveable Bed Bath towels an conveninent alternative to a sponge bath


Most Trusted Product

I am taking for my mother who is a senior citizen. She is using it for the last two years. I am fully satisfied with the product. It fits her perfectly. It is very skin-friendly. No rash is there. I have taken the subscription from the website as well. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a diaper for their old parents.


Purchased Friends Premium Diaper Pants for her mother

Soft & Comfortable

I have been using Friends diapers from Nobel Hygiene for more than 6 months now. The quality is good I have used both the regular and the Premium ones both. I prefer the Premium adult tape type diapers, they are soft and more comfortable than the other ones that are more of plastic-type. The absorption too is better and it can last me longer in between change time.


Purchased Friends Premium Diapers

Top Quality

My mother has been using Friends Diapers since the last 2 years. The product is of top quality, very comfortable and with high absorbency. The delivery and customer service back up is outstanding. We would recommend the product to seniors for its ease of use as well as variety in sizes and types


Purchased Friends Easy Diapers for his mother

High Quality

I have been ordering directly online on subscription basis Friends Premium Adult diapers for my father who has age related health issues of both urinary and bowel incontinence. Friends diapers are very high on quality,fits quite well,no leakages if worn properly,absorption properties quite high as well. In addition it encapsulates the odour inside and with changes at regular intervals also prevents diaper rashes. My father is quite happy with Friends Adult diapers as compared to other brands we were using earlier. I would like to recommend this product without second thoughts.


Purchased Friends Premium Adult diapers for his father