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How Sleep Can be Affected by Urinary Leakage

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Everyone loves a good night’s sleep and wants it to be uninterrupted. However, it can be a nightmare to have a peaceful sleep due to certain health conditions, heartburn, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and incontinence. Incontinence can be worse at night in terms of the inconvenience that comes with it. Urinary incontinence can affect one’s sleep like anything, considering they have to wake from sleep and walk towards the toilet at least twice. If it happens more frequently, it can not only leave you sleep deprived but also adversely affect your well-being.

Anyone suffering from incontinence should ideally schedule their toilet visits, so they can manage it. Severe incontinence can simply lead to sleep enuresis, which is the inability to wake up for urination and emptying the bladder while you are asleep. There is a wide range of friends overnight diapers available at Friends Adult diapers. They are highly absorbent. Moreover, they provide up to 16 hours of protection and help incontinence patients go to sleep without any concerns about the quality of sleep they will have. The root cause determines whether urinary incontinence is treatable or not. So, one should definitely consult their doctor, in order to find out the root cause. Regardless of whether it is treatable or not, if one is having incontinence episodes more than twice in their sleep time, then that is definitely a concern.

There are two major sleep related issues associated with urinary incontinence, namely adult nocturnal enuresis and nocturia. Adult nocturnal enuresis is synonymous to adult bedwetting. Some incontinence patients do experience losing their bladder control while they are asleep. The worst thing about nocturnal enuresis is that it can happen at any time. Urinary tract infections and excessive stress are two major causes of it. Nocturia is basically when a person wakes up frequently to urinate. It is more of an ageing problem, but it can happen at any age. Other than urinary incontinence, it is also associated with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

So, it can get worse if one does not pay attention to their incontinence episodes at night. It is important to keep track of the frequency, in order to determine how seriously incontinence has affected your sleep time. No matter what, you can always manage it with adult diaper pants, Moreover, you can opt for friends premium underpads to keep your bed clean while you manage your incontinence problem.