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Childbirth is a momentous event in the life of a woman. There is a flurry of activity before and after the birth of a baby and new mothers often need more essentials than they pack. After giving birth, women experience postpartum bleeding also known as lochia and urinary incontinence or the involuntary urine leakage. This is why they need comfortable and leak-proof supplies in their hospital bags. It is vital to know what items may be required after delivery in the hospital.

5 Must Have Items That New Moms Need After Childbirth.

1. Nursing pads

Nursing pads help to prevent milk leaks and relieve mothers from discomfort during feeding. It is recommended to buy soft, organic and reusable nursing pads that do not cause itchiness and pain around their tender breasts.

2. Supportive bra

A nursing bra comes handy to support the extra weight of the breasts and sleep in comfortably without being too tight. Women should pack at least three to five of these as sometimes one has to stay in the hospital for longer than expected. 

3. Overnight pads and diapers for adults -

Childbirth weakens a woman’s pelvic floor muscles and can cause temporary damage to the nerves that control the urinary bladder. This causes urinary incontinence problems after delivery and overnight diapers and pads made for adults are a great solution to handle heavy bleeding and leaks. Postpartum pads and hypoallergenic diapers are an essential item to carry to the hospital as they are preferred by ladies to prevent urinary tract infection or other infections to their sensitive nether regions. It also helps in keeping away the discomfort caused by accidental leaks and stains by giving long hours of protection and absorbency, especially during the night.

4. Comfortable panties

Since there is urine leakage and bleeding, women are made to wear mesh underwear with large hospital pads after delivery. Not many women prefer these panties and thick pads, so packing this essential is necessary. New mothers need to wear full coverage pads and ladies diapers to manage their incontinence. Some women prefer to wear disposable underwear while others wear pant-style overnight diapers for adults as these are easier to wear just like an underwear. This relieves them from the worry of pads slipping or not staying in place and it is a more sanitary, non-messy solution. Some of these pull-on adult diapers can be washed and are reusable. It is best to pack a couple of soft and comfortable cotton panties and diapers made for ladies.

5. Swaddles

Although the hospital does wrap newborns in thick swaddle cloths, it is best to carry some soft swaddle blankets from home. It is easier to hold babies when they are snuggled in a swaddle that the mother is comfortable with. It also protects the newborn against cold on the way home. It is advised to dress the baby in onesies that have zips and then wrap them in a comfortable swaddle.

It is best to prepare a checklist of items that are most needed and pack them in advance in the maternity bag. After birth, mothers have to tend to the baby’s feeding and diapering needs as well as manage themselves too, so forgetting an important item or not finding something essential in a moment’s notice can make it very difficult for them. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes after delivery and it takes time to heal, adjust and control their urine flow and lochia. Urine leakage in women stays for quite some time after pregnancy too, so having the best supplies from earlier can alleviate much of their concerns.