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“I recently found out that my 57-year-old father leaks urine. He was very embarrassed when we found out. This discovery explained why he was shut up in his room and refused to watch cricket matches with me or even going for his jalebi-fafda rounds with friends for the past few weeks.

My mother and our family doctor urged my father to use adult diapers. But finding the right diaper was hard. After trying out a few brands, we finally came across Friends Dry Pants and it was exactly what my father needed! He is now back to being his old self again, raising his sugar level to dangerous highs with his buddies and being a nuisance while watching matches! I couldn’t be happier!”

Raju Anna Krishnan wrote to us a few months back about his experience with Friends Adult Diapers, and stories like these mean the world to us. 

In this blog, we are going to explain what makes Friends Adult Pant Style Diapers the best choice for elderly people.

Some Important Benefits of Adult Pant Style Diapers for Elderly

Benefits of adult pant style disapers

  • Design Makes the Pant Style Diapers Popular 

    Friends Pant Style Diapers are popular among elders because of their underpants-like design and ease of use. For instance, an elderly person who is able to walk can just pull down the diaper if a bathroom is close by and they are able to make it in time, answer nature’s call, and pull it back up. They won’t need any assistance or seek their family’s help in wearing or removing diapers.  

    • Excellent Fit for Comfort & Confidence 

    Friends Pant Style Diapers offers an excellent fit, which naturally increases confidence in the elderly again. Because after all, wearing a diaper for the first time does cause stress, but when the fit is sleek and perfect, it instantly gives them a lot of confidence to go outdoors in diapers and continue living their life!

    • Prevents Leakage for up to 16 Hours

    A great thing about Friends Adult Diapers is that they can be worn both when the sun is up and when the moon is out. Our most premium product, Friends Overnight Diaper Pants, offers you up to 16 hours of protection from any sort of leakage without compromising on comfort or ease of use. You should try it to believe it. ☺

    • Easy to Wear 

    Ties back to the very first point. Since Friends Adult Pant Style Diapers are designed like a pull-up pant that combines the convenience of underpants with the effectiveness of diaper, it’s as easy to use as regular underpants. An Elderly can dispose of the old diaper and change into a new one easily without any hassle. 

    • Superior Fitting 

    Just like not all fingers are the same, not all body types are the same, a diaper that fits perfectly for the Americans would just be uncomfortable to the Indians. Every Friends Diaper is specifically designed for the Indian body type and we assure you that it will fit like a charm!

    Cannot Be Noticed from Outside

    One of the biggest reasons that’s keeping elderly from trying out diapers is the fear that it might be noticeable to the onlookers. Friends Adult Diapers on the other hand are sleek and discreet! You can wear them under any type of garment and go about your day without anyone noticing anything. Be it sherwani, kurta pajama, shalwar kameez, lungi, angarkha or dhoti, Friends got you covered. 

    How to Choose the Best Disposable Adult Diapers for Elderly?

    When you are in the market or shopping online, consider the following before choosing the diaper: 

    Absorbency Level

    When it comes to Friends Pant Style Diapers for adults, absorbency levels range from 4 hours to 16 hours of protection from wetness and leakage. Find an adult diaper that is suitable for the level of incontinence the user experiences. For elders with severe incontinence, choose our premium diapers with the highest absorbency levels. A highly absorbent diaper is also more economical as you do not have to change the diaper as often as a regular one.

    Right Size

    A diaper of the wrong size is as useful as a fork in a soup. A diaper of the right size is crucial because it not only determines how effective your diaper will be but also the comfort levels you will enjoy. You should be able to comfortably glide two fingers along the waistband of the diaper when you’re wearing it. If not, consider sizing up.  

    With the right diaper, elders can forget all about incontinence and enjoy their life again. We hope this blog helped you understand the many benefits of pant type diapers for adults and for elders, and why picking the right diaper is crucial.

    FAQs Related to Pant Style Adult Diapers

    1. Is pant style diaper better?

    It’s definitely one of the best diaper choices for active adults for sure!

    2. When should I use pants diaper?

    You can use pant type adult diapers when you are still mobile and active. If the user is bedridden, however, tape style diaper could be the better option out of the two. But alike everything, it finally comes down to the preference of the user as both types of diapers do a good job when it comes to incontinence care. 

    3. Which pant style diaper is best?

    We can proudly say from the success stories, testimonies and reviews from people like Raju Anna Krishnan that Friends Overnight Diaper Pants is one of the best pant style diapers, or diaper in general, across the country! 

    4. What are diaper pants called?

    Diaper pants are also called pull-up diapers, incontinence underwear and incontinence pants. 

    5. How do you wear pant style diapers?

    We have an entire page dedicated to this! You can find a step-by-step video on how to wear a pant style diaper right here