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It is vital to make the right choice when buying a diaper to enjoy all it has to offer. Mainly, adult diapers are designed for people suffering from incontinence, or the involuntary leaking of urine, and other similar problems. Considering every important factor, we will mention in this blog of ours the ways to choose a diaper that is comfortable, secure, discreet and works well with your lifestyle and most importantly, a diaper that works best for you!

How to Choose the Right Adult Diaper?

There are many different types of diapers for adults which come in various shapes, forms and sizes in order to meet the specific needs of every individual. Primarily, there are two types of adult diapers:

  • Tape Style Adult Diapers 
  • Pant Style Adult Diapers

They both share the same features and benefits except for one important difference. So how do you tell them apart? It's simple! The easiest way to tell them apart is to look at their waist line.

Pant style diapers will have an elastic waistband that wraps around your hips for a stretchy, comfortable fit. This style of diaper is designed just like a regular underpant that can be pulled up and down whenever the need arises. Friends has three variants of pant style diapers— Overnight Diaper Pants, Classic Adult Dry Pants and Premium Adult Dry Pants, from small to XXL sizes. 

Tape style diapers on the other hand, will have refastenable tapes on the sides which allow the user or their caregiver to make adjustments multiple times or as often as needed. Friends has four variants of tape style diapers— Overnight Adult Diapers, Premium Adult Diapers, Classic Adult Diapers and Economy Adult Diapers, from small to XXL sizes. 

Taped Diapers vs Pant Diapers: The Difference

Here are the key features and the differences between tape diapers and pant diapers:


Tape Style Diapers

Pant Style diapers

Design and Structure
These diapers have adhesive tapes on the sides and are worn by fastening the tapes around the waist.
These are designed like regular underwear with an elastic waistband, allowing users to pull them up and down.
Ease of Use
These require assistance for wearing and removal, especially for those who face mobility issues.
These are more convenient to wear and remove, making them a preferred choice for active and independent individuals.
Fit and Comfort
Offer a customisable fit as the tapes allow adjustments around the waist and legs.
Provide a snug fit similar to regular underwear, making the experience comfortable.
Suitable for individuals who are bedridden or require assistance with diaper changes.
Suitable for individuals who are active and self-dependent.


How to Wear Tape-Style Diapers?

Wearing a tape-style adult diaper involves a simple process. Follow these steps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

1. Take Measurements:

Measure the waist and hip size of the user with a measuring tape and choose the diaper that is the closest fit.

2. Prepare the Diaper:

Lay the diaper flat on a clean, dry and comfortable surface with the absorbent side up. Smooth out any wrinkles for comfort. Prevent touching the diaper to avoid contamination.

3. Position the Wearer:

For those who can stand, position themselves in the centre of the diaper. For those with limited mobility, caretakers can help them lie on their back.

4. Lift and Place:

If the person is standing, lift the front of the diaper and position it between their legs, bringing it up to the waist. If the person is lying down, slide the diaper underneath them, ensuring the back of the diaper is aligned with their lower back.

5. Secure the Front Tapes:

After placing the diaper in the correct position, pull the front of the diaper up towards the abdomen, making sure it fits snugly but is not too tight. Attach the adhesive tapes symmetrically on each side, adjusting them for a comfortable and secure fit. Make sure that the tapes are parallel to the waistline.

6. Secure the Diaper Properly:

Stick the tape on the lower side obliquely upwards and tape on the upper side obliquely downwards on the frontal surface for a better grip. 

7. Adjust the Diaper:

Now, adjust the leak guards and the diaper's edges to avoid leakage and ensure the wetness indicator is parallel to the spine. 

8. Wearer's Comfort:

It's important to ensure that the diaper fits well, is comfortable for the wearer, and allows for easy movement. 

How to Wear Pant-Style Diapers?

Wearing a pant-style adult diaper is a simple and efficient process that gives independence to individuals managing incontinence. Follow these steps for a comfortable and snug fit: 

1. Measure Waist and Hip Size:

Begin by measuring the user's waist and hip size using a measuring tape to ensure the selection of the appropriate diaper size.

2. Select the Right Size: 

Choose a pant-style diaper that matches the user's measurements or is the closest fit for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

3. Prepare the Diaper:

Stretch the diaper width-wise and spread its ruffles to prepare it for wearing. This step ensures that the diaper is ready for a snug fit.

4. Identify the Front of the Diaper:

Look for blue strings or other indicators to determine the front of the diaper, helping with correct placement.

5. Place Feet Inside Leg Cuffs:

In a sitting position, place each foot inside the leg cuffs of the diaper one by one. Ensure a comfortable fit around the thighs.

6. Slide Diaper Up to Knees:

Once the feet are in position, gently slide the diaper upwards to the knees, ensuring the leg cuffs are secure. 

7. Stand and Pull Up:

Transition to a standing position and pull the diaper pants up to the waist. Adjust the positioning for comfort and coverage. 

8. Adjust Waist Elastic:

Run your fingers around the waist elastic to ensure a snug fit. This step helps prevent the diaper from slipping or sagging during use. 

9. Adjust Leak Guards:

Take a moment to adjust the leak guards around the thighs. Evenly position them to create a protective barrier against leakage.

Who Can Use Pant Style/ Tape Style Diapers?

A major factor to consider when choosing adult diaper types is the level of mobility of the user.

Pant style diapers are best for people who are active and are self-dependent for their daily needs. They are able to bend down and glide the diaper up their legs and over their waist easily. 

Tape style diapers are best suited to people who face mobility issues or are bedridden. They don’t require you to bend over and pull the diaper up. They can be easily worn lying down on the bed, with or without assistance, and can be disposed off in the same way.

If you are a caregiver changing diapers for your loved one because they can't do it themselves, then tape style diapers would be the better option for you as they are easier to manage and dispose than pant style diapers.

Which is Better: Diaper Pants or Tape?

The best diaper for adults? No two people are the same, which is why this answer will vary from person to person based on their personal preferences and needs. Try out multiple types of diapers available in the market and find out what suits you best. 

The next thing to consider after your mobility levels is the quantum of leaks you experience.

If you are mildly incontinent, regular diapers should suffice such as our Easy Adult Diapers. Likewise, if you suffer from heavy leaks, it's a good idea to invest in a better range of incontinence diapers such as our Premium Adult Diapers and Overnight Adult Diapers. Even from the budget point of view, choosing a premium diaper should prove beneficial in the long run as it won't require changes as frequently as regular diapers.

Things to Consider While Choosing Diapers for Adults

Just some more tips for first time users and people trying out diapers:

·    Price

The price of adult diapers vary based on the brand, size and capacity of the diaper. If you are buying adult diapers for the first time, go for the best adult diaper brand in India: Friends Adult Diapers. Yes, it's us, we've been in the adult diaper manufacturing business for more than 20 years now! These years of experience have given us the knowledge to understand all your incontinence needs and we have always found ways to meet them. With Friends Diapers, we promise you complete azadi from all your urine leakage issues.

·    Size

Size is a crucial factor when it comes to incontinence protection. A diaper of the wrong size will prove useless against incontinence, because it won’t be able to provide sufficient protection from spills and leaks. Moreover, the discomfort from the wrong size will only add on to the troubles.

The market provides various styles and types of adult diapers for you to opt based on the size of your waist. Measure your waist properly from the waistband of your pant/salwar or the top of your saree and try to find a product that is the closest to this size and provides you the best comfort.

·    Absorbency

The level of absorbency you are looking for will depend on the incontinence level you are facing. There are regular, premium and overnight adult diaper variants available when it comes to Friends. Regular ones can provide you with 8 hours of protection from wetness and leakage, Premium diapers can do the same for up to 10 hours. And our star product, Friends Overnight Diapers can provide you with more than 16 hours of dry-goodness! Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, try it to find out for yourself! ☺

That concludes our blog on Pant Style vs Tape Style Diapers! Hopefully, you feel a bit more sure about which type of adult diaper is best for you. You can buy adult diapers right here on our website and we'll deliver it right to your doorstep. With Friends aapko Azadi Mubarak!

FAQS Related to Tape Style Adult Diaper vs Pant Style Adult Diaper

1. What diaper holds the most urine?

Friends Overnight Diapers! Our diapers are specifically designed to last you through the night and hold 1.5 litres of urine! They give you 16 hours of protection from wetness and keep your skin safe and dry throughout   the night.

2. Which diaper is best for leakage?

A diaper made with a highly absorbent core and comes equipped with side leak guards is the best choice for leakage. Friends Adult Diapers have both. :)

3. What are the safest diapers to use?

Friends Diapers are 100% free of any chemicals and fragrances that might prove harmful to your health. They are also enriched with a special skin care formula to protect you from diaper rashes, irritation and infections. So yes, Friends Diapers are one of the safest diapers to use!

4. What's the best diaper for bedwetting?

Friends Overnight Diapers. They are specifically designed to last the whole night and give you a good night's sleep. With Friends, you don't have to worry about bedwetting and soiled sheets ever again!

5. How tight should an adult diaper be?

Adult diapers should be snug but not overly tight. A proper fit ensures comfort and prevents leaks. The diaper should provide a secure seal around the waist and leg openings without causing discomfort or restricting movement. Adjust the fit to maintain a balance between comfort and effective containment.