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Adult diapers are the best way to deal with the mental and physical disruption caused to your life by leakages. However, most adult diaper wearers struggle with preventing their diapers from leaking. Thus, we bring you the top 11 tips to prevent and minimise adult diaper leaks for diabetic patients.

Diabetes and Urine Leakage - The Correlation

Diabetes significantly compromises your immune system to cause various urinary incontinence challenges. In addition to causing a rise in glucose levels, diabetes results in nerve damage impaired sensory and bladder function. Naturally, the nerve damage (autonomic neuropathy) triggers frequent urination, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and increases the possibility of urine leakage.

When diabetes medication forces out glucose from the blood into the urine to lower your blood sugar levels, your bladder may get highly irritated, overactive, and grow more susceptible to urine leakage. Even drinking additional amounts of fluid to quench the thirst caused by diabetes puts pressure on the bladder and leaks diapers

The Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Impact of Urine Leakage

Urine leakage caused by diabetes problems has lasting effects on the overall life quality of individuals.

The physical impact of urine leakage entails the issue of often changing your clothes, bedding, and having to stay as near to a toilet as possible. Prolonged exposure to moisture during adult diaper leaks can raise your frequency of developing incontinence dermatitis, also known as diaper rash. Also, diabetic patients report a considerable reduction in physical activity once they start developing symptoms of urinary incontinence as high-stress exercises may cause sudden diaper leaks.

Complete lack of exercise can even lead to potentially life-threatening health conditions like hypertension, coronary heart disease, and osteoporosis. With the reduced attention span of older adults, sudden urges to reach the bathroom due to leaks can even increase their risk of falls, fractures, and other fatal injuries.

The emotional and psychological burden of urinary incontinence can be overwhelming. The stigma and shame associated with urine leaks can force diabetic patients into isolation and significantly limit their social participation. According to research, urinary incontinence is closely linked with declining mental health and the onset of depression. Unaddressed psychological distress brought about by involuntary leaks can progress to long-term stress disorders.

11 Tips to Prevent/Minimise Urine Leakage

  1. Everyone’s body is shaped differently; an adult diaper that fits one person well could end up leaking in another. Thus, it would be best to experiment with different brands, styles, and sizes of adult diapers to find the perfect product that meets all your needs as a diabetic patient.

  2. Practising timed voiding by allowing yourself only to urinate at certain time intervals and prolonging the intervals each time will help your bladder regain control and prevent urine leaks.

  3. Moderate physical activity can play a vital role in combating the risk of incontinence. Add pelvic floor exercises to your exercise routine to effectively strengthen your bladder muscles and lessen the diabetic bladder leakage symptoms.

  4. Eat a healthy and balanced diet with fibre-rich foods and at least eight glasses of water a day to manage your blood sugar levels, decrease bladder pressure and prevent leaks. Alongside, stay away from alcohol-carbonated and caffeinated beverages that can trigger your incontinence and cause diaper leaks.

  5. Choose an adult diaper with high absorbency levels for dealing with your constant dribbling and urine leaks without hassle.

  6. When your adult diapers hang too loose or fit too tightly, you are more susceptible to embarrassing leaks. You must always opt for diapers that are snug around your legs to minimise leakages.

  7. An easy way to prevent adult diaper leaks is by changing your diapers regularly. Try to change the diaper within a few hours as soon as the soiling begins.

  8. To improve the absorbency of your adult diapers, you can apply booster pads to the inside of your diaper, which will enable the urine flow to get absorbed in the extra pad before moving to the main diaper.

  9. Since overnight adult diapers are made for prolonged usage, they are less prone to leakages and overflows. You can try switching to  FRIENDS Overnight Diaper Pants even during the daytime to get rid of your fear of leakages completely.

  10. Leakage can be easily prevented with adult diapers with a “brief” style and flexible tabs. A well-contoured fitting can be assured to minimise the risk of diapers leaks.

  11. Paying close attention to the wetness indicators on the adult diapers will make sure there are no oversaturated diaper incidents.

Friends' Adult Diapers - How Significant Are They in Managing Urinary Leakage and Other Incontinence Challenges

Friends Premium Adult Diapers can play a crucial role in effectively dealing with all the distressing symptoms of urinary incontinence, including leakage. The leak-proof diapers for adults are available in a diverse variety of sizes like M, L, XL, and XXL.

These adult diaper pants are known for their high absorbency levels that will contain all outflows and mess-ups. Friends Premium Adults diapers have multiple outer layers specially designed with Japanese SAP technology to deal with every kind of urinary incontinence challenge. The compact and discrete build of the adult diapers does not interfere with your day-to-day life by blending perfectly with your clothing.

The Friends Premium Adult Diapers pants come with agile wetness indicators that keep track of the fullness of your diapers and alert you for a diaper change.

Being disposable, these adult diaper pants allow you to maintain better urinary hygiene than cloth diapers. Friends Adult Diaper Pants help you trade the long and messy changing process for a quick and efficient one. The intelligent in-built odour control systems aid you in keeping the foul urine smell at bay. The goodness of aloe vera extracts in the diapers keeps your skin soft and prevents rashes and infections. Thus, they can greatly complement your traditional treatment methods for incontinence by providing maximum comfort and protection for the Indian body type.