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Do adults get diaper rash? This is what Mr. Raichand had to say.

“You have to wear diapers all day long. A diaper has sweat, urine leakage, lots and lots of wetness. Diaper rash toh hoga hi na! They advertise so much about komal twacha this and komal twacha that. Jab bacche pareshaan hain isse toh adults kaise khush rahenge?”

We think Mr. Raichand’s rage is quite valid, but clearly he has never used adult diapers made by Friends. Let's change his mind completely!

What are adult diaper rashes?

Adult diaper rashes or Diaper Dermatitis can be caused due to various reasons.
When you think of diaper rashes, a cute little baby comes to mind. But, diaper rashes for adults suffering from urine leakage are a common and unfortunate occurrence, too!

Symptoms of rash due to Adult Diapers

Adult Diapers rashes are most commonly seen in the areas of the skin covered by a diaper such as one’s genitals, inner thighs and buttocks. Common symptoms of adult diapers rash can include:

  • angry spotting

  • red skin

  • peeling of the skin

  • skin that is very tender to the touch or pains

  • irritation

Causes of rashes due to adult diapers

Diaper rashes are painful, uncomfortable and can hamper a person’s lifestyle. Why do you get them?

  • Friction from a diaper: As the skin rubs against harsh or netted diaper surfaces, it could become tender and irritated.

    Can adults get diaper rash from pads? Yes, in fact this irritation caused by diapers is similar to the chafing women experience from the use of sanitary pads.

  • Wetness and moisture: If you keep forgetting to change your diaper on time or if your diaper doesn't soak urine efficiently or quickly enough, you might be prone to adult diaper rash. This is because your skin is exposed to wetness and moisture for prolonged periods of time.

  • Elastic: Harsh elastic materials of adult diapers can dig into the skin. Often, to keep themselves protected from leakage from the sides, adults size down. Wearing wrong size of diapers can cause adult diapers rash too.

  • Chemicals: Often, diapers are loaded with harmful chemicals such as artificial fragrances, sulphur or chemical bleaches, chlorine, etc. These can cause the sensitive skin of your genitals to become irritated and red.

How to prevent diaper rash in adults?

The first rule to avoid adult diaper rashes would be to use the correct diaper! The next time you swing by to your local chemist or online store look for these in an adult diaper:

  • Chemical/paraben/artificial fragrance and bleach free diapers.

  • Diapers that have a soft, cotton-finish top layer.

  • Hugs your body just right in all the right places

  • A diaper that is absorbent enough, not just that but a diaper that absorbs quickly.

Friends Adult Diapers have all of these features and so much more to offer! They are enriched with aloe vera, jojoba and chamomile extracts. Your skin remains nourished, moisturized and safe from diaper rashes.

If you still struggle with diaper rashes, keep reading!

Treatment of rashes caused by adult diapers

Adult diaper rash treatment is very simple, yet effective. Here a few ways in which you can treat diaper rashes caused by adult diapers:

  • Keep the diaper area clean and dry - Try not to wear the same diaper for too long. Use petroleum jelly to create a barrier and help keep moisture out of the area.

  • Air out the diaper area several time throughout the day - Fresh air blowing on the inflamed skin will aid the healing of the rash. Air out the area for 10-15 minutes after every diaper change. Wear loose clothes and size up in your diapers to let the area heal faster.

  • Diaper rash creams and lotions - Can adults use diaper rash ointment? Yes! and it's very easy to find over-the-counter medications and ointments for adult diaper rashes. Apply a layer of the cream to the rashes, you can even put petroleum jelly on top to prevent the clothes from sticking to the cream.

  • Maintain hygiene, even while you're suffering from a rash! - Avoid scrubbing your skin while taking baths, use gentle, fragrance and chemical-free cleanser. Your thighs, buttocks and genitals are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. Maintaining proper hygiene can prevent this.

How to treat diaper rash from candida infection?

Candida diaper dermatitis is a yeast infection. Your healthcare provider will recommend an antifungal medication (cream, ointment or pill) to stop the yeast overgrowth and treat the rash.  For severe rashes, a steroid ointment, such as 1% hydrocortisone, may be applied.

Complications due to adult diapers rash

The biggest risk is that of developing fungal or bacterial infections. What begins as a simple infection may spread to the surrounding skin. The skin covered by a diaper is warm, moist and dark, perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. These rashes can be found within the creases of the skin. That is why it becomes absolutely necessary that you maintain proper hygiene.

When to consult a doctor for adult diaper rash?

If the rashes don't start healing within three days. Or if puss or blood oozes out of the affected area. You can choose to see a doctor simply because you might be feeling discomfort, no harm in that at all!

Did you know that Friends Adult diapers have the goodness of jojoba and aloe vera to keep your skin protected from nasties? It absorbs wetness at lightning fast speeds and turns it into a gel that remains in its place and doesn't go around the diaper causing havoc. The top layer is made with the softest material to ensure your skin is softer than a baby's butt!

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