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Not many people know that bed wetting is a problem that is faced not just by children but adults too. Children learn to control their urge after getting lots of whoopings from their parents. So, what about adults then? Adults who face this issue are often at no fault of their own. Bed wetting can be caused due to certain types of medications, surgery, illnesses or it can develop with age.

Family members often wonder how to prevent bed wetting in elderly. Seeking treatment from your doctor is the first step towards a solution for bed wetting.

What are the solutions for Bed Wetting for Adults?

You’re probably tired of searching for bedwetting solutions for adults online. Getting things under control is going to take a while, here’s what you can do alongside:

Layer your mattresses

 It is a problem which is embarrassing for people. Sleeping on a wet mattress without creating a fuss or laying down on smelly mattresses is nothing new for incontinence sufferers. If not taken care of properly these mattresses can become quite unsanitary and a ground for diseases. Changing mattresses frequently is not a viable option. Caretakers are constantly on the hunt for the best bedwetting solutions.

Layer the elderly’s mattress with multiple layers of protection. Lay a flat, water-proof sheet on top of your mattress. Place a highly absorbent, washable mattress pad on top. Voilà! You are good to go. 

If you don’t want to go through the nuisance of having to wash these layers again and again, here’s what to do. Use a disposable pad on top of all of these layers. This way the urine will not reach the bottom layers, and you can simply dispose the top-most pad whenever it is soiled or wet. 

Did you know that Friends makes the perfect bed pads for incontinence patients?

  • The top layer of our Classic and Premium Underpads is soft, non-woven and enriched with Aloe Vera to keep your skin soft and rash-free.

  • Friends Underpads have an antibacterial layer and odour-lock gel technology to keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

  • A crisscross design that lets the liquid spread evenly all over rather than pooling on the surface and creating spillage.

  • Our underpads are suitable for both males and females with a 60 X 90 cm size.

Azadi Mubarak with Friends!

Wear adult diapers

Diapers are really great nighttime bedwetting solutions. They are easy to wear and dispose. Diapers today are super- discreet, comfortable and serve every consumer’s needs. Friends make for the best deep sleep bedwetting solutions. Our range of products help patients who are struggling with incontinence. Friends Adult Diapers are made specifically for the Indian body type. Our diapers are comfortable, give you a snug fit to prevent leakages and protect you for up to 16 hours! Rashes and itching can be really painful. To prevent those, all Friends diapers are loaded with the goodness of Aloe Vera and an antibacterial top layer. We are sulphur, paraben and bleach-free.

Live your life to the fullest with Friends Adult Diapers by your side!

Taking care of a patient who suffers from incontinence is not limited to looking after their physical needs. Often times, these individuals are isolated from society, face emotional turmoil and suffer from mental afflictions that are not known to the rest of us. It is important that we spend time with them, make them feel heard and understood and also provide them with emotional support whenever they’re down.

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