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The joy and delight you feel when you travel with your family and friends are incomparable! And the travel itself will become moments you will cherish in your heart forever. You will look back at these days and tell everyone stories about it for the rest of the month (and we never get tired hearing it again and again from you!)

But incontinence, and the constant fear of embarrassment that comes with it, can ruin these special days for you. You might not even be willing to step out of your house, and wish everyone else a safe and happy journey as you watch them leave.

But why? Wouldn’t you have loved the day out with them? Why let incontinence take control of your life when you can easily take it back? Adult diapers for travel can help you get back that freedom you lost to traveling with incontinence.

Types of incontinence

Incontinence is a very common condition among people in India, but since it’s a very private and embarrassing topic, not everybody discusses it or seek help for it.

There are two main types of incontinence:

Urinary incontinence, or the loss of control over your bladder. People with urinary incontinence suffer with involuntary leakage of urine on a daily basis.

Bowel incontinence, or the loss of control over your bowel. People with bowel incontinence suffer from inability to control their bowel movements and release faeces involuntarily.

But no matter the type, incontinence greatly harms the quality of life of the people suffering from it. And since most people don’t seek help either, they watch as everything that was once easy for them slip away from them. 

How can adult diapers help while travelling with incontinence?

The entire purpose of adult diapers is to provide protection and comfort for the people suffering from incontinence. They give you the freedom to enjoy life without worrying while travelling with incontinence or the need to go to the bathroom frequently.

But there’s a lot of shame-based stigma surrounding wearing diapers; it is considered unseemly and disgraceful. There’s nothing shameful about wearing adult diapers – they are simply travel incontinence products made to improve the quality of your life while travelling, just like spectacles are made to improve your vision.

How to pick an adult diaper for travelling!

Travelling can be a source of great stress for people who are incontinent. Long trips in vehicles, traffic jams, lack of toilet facilities, lack of incontinence supplies, etc. are just some things that can make an otherwise happy time with their family into a restless situation for them.

The adult diaper for travel you choose must be the best in:

  • Absorbency:

    Pick a travel diaper with a high absorbency level to ensure you will not have to change it frequently during your trip.

  • Fit:

    Make sure the diaper fits you well to prevent any leakage and ensure maximum comfort while traveling.

  • Ease of use:

    Look for portable diapers that are easy to change and dispose of as changing diaper can be hard and time consuming when you are on the move. We recommend pant-style diapers or diaper pants over taped diapers for their ease of use and convenience.

  • Comfort:

    Look for travel diapers for adults that are made with soft and breathable materials to avoid skin irritation and rashes from longer periods of use.

One other important thing you must consider while choosing travel diapers for adults is your:

  • Travel period:

    Probably the most important factor to consider when you are packing diapers for long trips. For instance: If it’s a 6-hour overnight travel in a train, pick a travel diaper that can last you through that travel period. If it’s a 24-hour travel, pick an adult diaper for travel that has the highest level of absorbency and doesn’t require frequent changes, and so on.

The best adult diapers for travel : Friends!

We finally reach the end of the blog. Ultimately, the diaper travel pack you pick will depend on the length of your travel and the availability of private and clean places that allows for a diaper change.

But for the longest travel period, always pick: Friends Premium Adult Dry Pants. They are:

  • Made with a super absorbent core and a rapid absorption layer to provide up to 10 hours of protection against leakage and moisture.

  • Specially designed for the Indian body type to provide a snug fit.

  • Made with side leak guards that prevent leaks and trickles along the sides effectively.

  • Designed with brief-like leg openings that make it easy to change into and come with tear-away sides for quick and easy removal.

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, jojoba and chamomile extracts for enhanced skin care and protect your skin from diaper rashes and irritation.

  • 100% Sulphur, paraben, and chemical bleach free.

Some important tips while travelling with incontinence before we sign off

  • While traveling, ensure you have enough dry pants with you to cover for the trip, especially if going abroad.

  • Always keep a spare pack of dry pants with yourself wherever you go, you never know when the need for a change can arise.

  • Don’t wear dry pants for longer than the period mentioned on the pack just to avoid the effort of changing it.

  • Change the dry pant if it starts to feel wet and uncomfortable too, over-wearing it can only lead to unwanted skin rashes and infections.

  • Don’t reduce your water intake to prevent yourself from urinating frequently – always keep yourself hydrated, especially when you are traveling.

With Friends Dry Pants accompanying you all the time, incontinence is not going to hold up your life anymore. You can be travelling and enjoying your life just like everybody else! So go out there and make some more precious memories! With Friends, aapko Azadi Mubarak!