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“I need to pee urgently! Move out the way”

Shobha tells us, “Often in media, the not-so-great side of pregnancy is swept under the rug... Couldn't agree more that pregnancy glow is like nothing else! But so is craving weird foods like a concoction of dahi and chai, puking your guts out after every meal, and leaking urine! It made me really cranky. Bless my sweet husband for introducing me to insert pads otherwise I surely would've gone mad in my last 5 months of pregnancy!”

Like Shobha, insert pads might just be what you need too if you leak a few drops of urine while laughing, sneezing, lifting objects, or doing other physical activities. Friends Insert Pads are:

  • Engineered to soak small squirts of urine

  • Are slim and extra-absorbent to keep your clothes dry and unsoiled

  • What's more? They can be easily stuck onto your underwear and disposed of later

  •  These insert pads are unisex in nature

What Shobha has experienced is quite common among women who are pregnant. We'll see why a little later in this blog.


Frequent urination in simple terms can be explained as feeling an urge to urinate that is more often than usual.


Rushing to the bathroom more than 8 times in a day is certainly not normal or even having to wake up at odd hours of the night to pee.

Frequent urination at night can disrupt your sweet dreams more times than you'll care to count in your drowsy state.

HAS MY URINATION INCREASED!? (Cue: looking up all related diseases)

Excessive urination might not always be an indication of a serious health issue such as multiple sclerosis, kidney diseases or diabetes. As we have seen, frequent urination during pregnancy is pretty common too. Let's explore with it a few other reasons for why you might be feeling a constant urge to pee.


When your baby starts growing, it pushes down on your bladder. This creates a lot of pressure on the bladder and hinders its usual performance. Excessive urination can begin in the third trimester when your baby's growth becomes more pronounced, and usually cures itself after birth. Some women might experience frequent urination only after giving birth or even after a few pregnancies. Visit your OB-GYN in any case.


If you experience urinary urgency along with pain and discomfort in your abdominal region, cloudy urine or blood in your urine; you might have contracted a UTI. Frequent urination after sexually active night can also be because of a UTI, especially in women. Visiting a doctor might be a good idea if you notice you're peeing frequently in any case.


In India, the elderly have a habit of drinking a tall glass of milk before going to bed. No wonder they are peeing a lot at night! Curb excessive urination at night by simply watching your liquid intake. Chances are you might be rushing to the toilet every two minutes during daytime for the same reason.


Alcohol and caffeine clearly do not sit well with your bladder if you're experiencing increased urination. Caffeine and alcohol can irritate your bladder, leading to an increased frequency of urination. They act as natural diuretics, meaning they increase the blood flow to the kidneys at the same time reducing the absorption of water and sodium.


your bladder. If you thought we were going to discuss how unpleasant foods like tinde and lauki (doodhi/ghiya) are, you couldn't be more wrong! In fact, our advice to those struggling with constant urination is to avoid food that is too spicy or masaledaar, notorious for causing bladder and bowel issues, so lauki is the way to go! Take note of what food you are consuming and check if it's making you rush to the bathroom too often and avoid them next time.

That's all the reasons you need to know for experiencing frequent urination, besides the obviously scary ones. If you learnt something new in our blog, stick around because more info- packed blogs are to come!

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