Urinary Problems and Type 2 Diabetes

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Urinary Problems and Type 2 Diabetes – A Brief Introduction

Weak bladder symptoms are common in those suffering through various types of diabetes. As a matter of fact one of the most classic type 2 diabetes symptoms is urine problem.

Weak bladder symptoms in those with Type 2 diabetes include sexual function, the urge to urinate, frequency or urination and kidney function. In advanced cases type 2 diabetes symptoms can also include damage to the nerves.

Depending on the gender and the age of the patient, weak bladder symptoms can either be severe (require surgery to manage) or low-risk (can be managed using medication and/or diapers). Either way, what is key in finding a urine problem solution is timely diagnosis.

How Type 2 Diabetes Can Lead to Urinary Challenges

There are broadly four types of urine leakage that type 2 diabetes can lead to.

    This is one of the most common Type 2 diabetes symptoms, and occurs in over half the patients suffering from it. Common urine problem symptoms in those suffering from bladder dysfunction are as follows:

      1. Overactive bladder: This is characterised as a false, or too-early urgency to pass urine. This occurs when the bladder muscles contract even when there is little/no urine for them to expel.

      2. Polyuria: This is characterised as the production of excess urine–often over 3litres a day. This occurs when the body’s sugar levels get elevated. The excess sugar is flushed out through the kidney which pulls the urine along with itself.

      3. Nocturia: This is characterised as the need to empty the bladder several times at night.

      4. Incontinence: This is the involuntary leakage of urine due to the malfunction of a certain part of the urinary system–may be the bladder sphincter, the nerves that connect the bladder to the brain or due to a weakening of the pelvic region.

    Bladder damage, thus, at its core is caused by damage to not only the bladder, but also the urethral sphincter. When this sphincter muscle does not open or close properly, it leads to wear bladder symptoms.

    UTI is one more of the common type-2 diabetes symptoms. This can affect the urethra, bladder and kidneys. It may also cause the growth of bacteria that is resistant to treatment. Urine problem symptoms of someone suffering through a UTI would include burning while urinating, reddish urine, frequent urination, nausea, fever and even back/side pain. This often occurs when high blood sugar creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria.

    Urine problem symptoms also affect sexual drive and performance. This commonly happens because the nerves and blood vessels that supply or surround the reproductive organs are affected. Diabetes caused sexual dysfuction can be treated by the use of lube in women, and by medication for erectile dysfunction in men.

    This occurs if both types of diabetes remain untreated for a long time. Diabetes causes damage to the workhorse of the kidney–the nephron. Each kidney has over a million nephrons which separates waste from blood. When this process is interrupted, waste and toxins build up in the bloodstream.

Diabetes-led Urination Challenges and Their Key Symptoms

Weak bladder symptoms occur when types of diabetes occur with:

  • nerve damage

  • untreated high blood pressure

  • untreated high blood sugar

  • overweight/obese

  • lack of physical activity

  • smoke / drink too much

  • untreated high cholesterol

Key symptoms of type 2 diabetes caused bladder problems include:

  1. Urinary frequency:
    Those with high blood sugar levels may be required to urinate frequently. Even when diabetes is managed, patients may feel an urgent need to urinate, especially at night. This can be managed through medication, lifestyle changes and the use of adult dry pants.

  2. Leaking urine
    This is when a small amount of urine keeps leaking at all points of time and can severely hamper the sufferer’s lifestyle. This can be linked to diabetes caused nerve damage, bladder infections and obesity. Embarrassing situations caused by such weak bladder symptoms can be managed using dry pants. Friends Dry Pants are just like briefs, can be easily worn and easily disposed. They are sleek and lightweight and can be put on comfortably underpants and skirts.

  3. Urine passage issues
    Diabetes may cause a lack of understanding of when the bladder is full. As a result, a constantly over-full bladder can cause damage to muscles in the region. It can also cause the sphincter to become loose and start leaking. Urinary retention for hours together may also result in infections.

  4. Bladder infections:
    Urinary tract infections are also very common in those with both types of diabetes. Managing glucose levels can help avoid this.

How to Manage Type 2 Diabetes-led Urinary Challenges

The key to managing weak bladder symptoms is by tackling type 2 diabetes symptoms. Managing diabetes can help prevent nerve damage, damage to the kidneys or blood vessels. A few actionable steps include:

  • Keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels low and in check.

  • Managing one’s diet and physical activity

  • Staying one’s ideal height

  • Giving up cigarettes

Diabetes and the issues it causes can often leave a toll on the mind. It is recommended that patients speak to trained counselors or psychologists for methods to cope better with the condition and its symptoms. Reaching out to one’s family for guidance, support and assistance is also advised.

Adult diapers can also help make the diabetes journey easy. “I had stopped going out entirely,” says Ramesh Kedia (name changed), 66, who was diagnosed with diabetes induced stress-incontinence. “When would the drops of urine come and wet my pants I did not know. How could I arrive in public like that? Then one day I saw an ad for Friends dry pants. They were diapers, but looked just like underwear. I bought a small pack and I was like, wow, so comfortable! They also absorb all drops of urine–no smell, no issue. I am happy.

Many such customers like Mr Kedia swear by diapers. they can especially help patients obtain a good, restful night’s sleep.