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About a month back, we were speaking to a popular director of film videography. He was discussing a character in an upcoming film who had diabetes. “How do you show that the character has diabetes?” we asked. “Simple,” replied, almost surprised, “You show him being jittery, saying no to sweets, and needing to go often to the toilet.”

He was correct. Increased thirst, as well as frequent urination, are common symptoms of diabetes. But he didn’t know why. 

And so, we’re here to explain!

Those with Diabetes problems are unable to regulate the amount of glucose in their body. This leads to an excess build-up of glucose in their blood, which the kidney overworks to filter out. The excess glucose is excreted into your urine when the kidneys have been overworked and can’t keep it anymore. Along with the glucose, the fluids in your body are also transported to be excreted along with the excess glucose. This leads to dehydration and thirst which in turn will leave you drinking a lot more water/fluids than you usually do. As your intake of fluids increases, your urge to urinate becomes higher. This is why a Diabetic patient would want to urinate a lot more than usual. Thus, excessive urination is an early symptom of diabetes.

The principal causal factor for diabetes is an imbalance of the hormone insulin. Insulin is made in your pancreas, helps your body to use glucose for energy. Glucose is a type of sugar found in many carbohydrates. Diabetes occurs when your body doesn't/isn’t able to use insulin to carry on functions like this. Due to this, glucose is excreted along with fluids that are necessary to hydrate the body. This leaves you dehydrated, which in turn makes you drink a lot of fluids out of thirst. This cycle leads to frequent urination.

Frequent Urination - A Brief Overview

Excessive urination could be a sign of either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. This happens mostly since the excretion of fluids is the only way your body could flush out excess sugar. It is important to keep an eye out for other symptoms of diabetes if you worry that you may be frequently urinating due to diabetes. Some of these symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision, swollen gums and tingling sensations. Though frequent urination is a symptom faced by Diabetic patients, there are various other reasons for frequent urination. These include kidney infection, pregnancy, overactive bladder, anxiety and urinary tract infection (UTI).

Frequent urination is not the only bladder/urine problem that is common with Diabetic patients. You may experience a frequent urge to urinate. This may be due to a loss of bladder control that results in an even minute amount of leaking urine, and urinary tract or fungal infections. This is why many diabetic patients wear adult diapers while travelling or while they’re on bed rest. Urinary tract and fungal infections can also lead to an uprise in urinary frequency and incontinence, especially in the elderly. Over time, the condition could worsen and begin to affect the nerves around the bladder. Eventually, this could lead to bladder dysfunction. Even though it may be havoc to daily life, it is a condition that can be managed and controlled.

Diabetes Excessive Urination: Diabetes and Its Role In Frequent Urination

Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it can be agreed that this could be the root cause of your supposed urine problem. The cause of this would be the recurring cycle of your kidney not being able to absorb the excess glucose produced in the body. Other symptoms along with this include excess thirst and hunger, fluctuations in weight, increased healing period for wounds, etc. It is crucial to manage other effects of diabetes as well as administer medications at correct intervals to get the frequent urination under control. While monitoring fluid intake or scheduling bathroom trips may only help with dealing with this symptom, what really is the problem is excessive blood sugar and not excessive fluids. To deal with excessive fluids, the most helpful resource is an adult diaper and accessible toilet facilities.

To treat this symptom, as well as manage your diabetes, there are a few basic diabetes frequent urination treatment plans:

-       Diet and blood sugar monitoring

-       Exercise

-       Insulin injections

-       Other medications

Diabetes-Led Frequent Urination Challenges - Key Symptoms to Watch Out For

Liz, a middle-aged woman, claims that her biggest challenge while dealing with diabetes-led frequent urination is her leaky bladder that shows up out of nowhere. She also ends up peeing when she sneezes too hard or when she laughs too much. Such day-to-day life activities may lead to urination if you’re someone who lives with diabetes induced excessive urination. In such cases, the primary solution would be using adult diapers. Many Diabetic patients resort to such measures while travelling or being in public places.

Though urinating in large amounts is not something you have to worry excessively about, it shouldn’t be treated as a minute issue either. The key to taking care of this is addressing the elephant in the room, diabetes. Gaining access to appropriate healthcare is one major step to take.

Controlling your diet and lifestyle plays an important part as well. Along with this, sugar intake should also be controlled for all the other measures taken to work on your body.

Frequent urination if followed by other symptoms like fatigue, blurred vision, or tingling in the limbs should be a cause for concern.

Adult Diapers - How Effective Are These In Managing Frequent Urination Challenges

Adult diapers not only provide a sense of security when you have a leaky bladder but also help you keep yourself hygienic. While travelling, a toilet may not always be accessible. This is where diapers come to the rescue.

They’re also effective assistance to those on bed rest. If they are physically unable to get up or do not have help with them at the moment, a diaper is an essential aid.

Why Choose Friend’s Adult Diapers

Friends Adult Diapers have an expertise of 20 years in the Indian market. Adult Dry pants, which are absorbent underpants-like diapers were introduced by us in the market and have helped several Indians deal with incontinence. These are soft, sleek and can be easily slid up and down. Urine leakage caused by diabetes can be restrictive and require one to be constantly round toilets. Coughing, sneezing or laughing can cause urine leakage as well. This results in sufferers living in constant fear of leakage—even laughing out loud becomes a hazard. Friends Dry pants can allow users to push away fear and reclaim their zindagi.