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If you do not live with a senior citizen, night incontinence or Night-time bed-wetting is something you could not possibly associate with grown adults.

Sadly, it’s a reality. Night-time incontinence in the elderly is extremely prevalent and so is frequent urination at night. Nearly two percent of adults go through these horrific experiences regularly.

What is Night-time Incontinence?

Night-time incontinence, night-time bed-wetting  or nocturnal enuresis is an involuntary loss of control over your bladder when you are asleep at night, which makes you pee and wet your bed.

During night your body produces urine that is more concentrated but lesser in quantity, so there usually is no need to wake up. You are able to naturally hold it in till you are awake and completely in control. Most people are able to get 6-8 hours of restful sleep without any issues.

Secondary enuresis or bed-wetting that starts in adulthood or late adulthood requires immediate medical attention.

What Are the Symptoms of Elderly Incontinence at Night?

Accidents can happen. So, if you have experienced incontinence once or twice, there is nothing to worry about. But, if you are persistently and frequently wetting your bed at night, you might have a serious problem on your hands.

How Is Night-time Incontinence in Adults Diagnosed?

Your doctor might prescribe the following tests and procedures to diagnose and determine a treatment route for your problem:

  • A Physical examination

  • Urinalysis

  • Urologic tests

  • Neurological evaluation

Your doctor might be able to determine the cause of your excessive urination at night with these tests and suggest treatment and lifestyle changes accordingly.

Night-time Incontinence Treatment: How to Stop Peeing at Night?

Follow these tips before you hit hay every night:

  • Do not drink water or any liquids at all a few hours before you go to sleep.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine, generally bladder-irritating fluids, or things your bladder hates at night.

  • Elevate your legs while you watch TV or just relax at night. This will help your body accelerate the process of making and releasing urine.

  • Start training your bladder to hold your urine during the day.

  • Set a time-table to pee during the day and stick to it.

  • Set alarms to wake up and pee at night.

All of these things won’t cost you a dime, but are sure to help in some way.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are still facing night-time incontinence issues, take a deep breath, do not feel ashamed and buy products to help with Night-time bed-wetting . Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed because there are so many others who are struggling with the same issue because of their age, illness or some other mishap.

Incontinence products are made for individuals who do not want their life to take a stand still because of incontinence. We recommend using overnight adult diapers and incontinence underpads made by Friends. Our 20+ years of experience in manufacturing absorbent products has given us an excellent understanding of your needs.

Friends Overnight Diapers are our most premium product. Users who opt for our overnight diapers never go back to anything else because:

  • They are engineered to soak leaks for up to 16 hours.

  • They can take a whopping 1.5 litres of urine, no diaper brand in the Indian market comes even close.

  • They are anti-odour, anti-bacteria, free of chemicals, and enhanced with aloe vera, jojoba and chamomile extracts to keep your skin free of rashes, irritation and infections.

  • All our diapers are unisex and come in pant and tape-style variants.

Friends Underpads, can be placed on top of your mattress to protect them from wetness and are suitable for all sexes. They are available in our Classic and Premium range.

  • Come with a soft non-woven surface and a crisscross design to prevent leakage or spills along with maximum absorption and skin protection

  • Special gel technology helps convert liquid to gel

  • Stay protected and bacteria free with our anti-bacterial layer

  • Friends Underpads are used not just by incontinence patients at home, but also in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical care centres.

With Friends, Azadi Mubarak!

Bed-wetting affects not just your sleep cycle, but also leads to sleep deprivation, tiredness, drowsiness, and mood changes if left untreated.

This is why talking to a doctor become really important. They can prescribe medication that might help you release urine before going to bed to lessen your chances of bed wetting and frequent night time urination.