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These days, any minor health condition is enough to give someone major health issues in the long run if not paid attention to in time. Incontinence is one such problem that many people are embarrassed to talk about. It is a common health condition among a considerable number of people in India, especially senior citizens.

How can adult diapers help with incontinence?

There are various surgical treatments for incontinence, but one effective, non-surgical way of managing it is wearing an adult diaper. We, at Friends Adult Diapers, have a range of diapers for elderly patients as well as middle-aged patients, as we strive to provide people suffering from incontinence with the best comfort they will ever have. The idea of using elderly diapers is quite new among many people in India. But it is essential to cope with any sort of incontinence and to make one’s life easier and better.

Grappling with questions like “how to wear diapers for adults?” on your own is pretty hard. Stay with us to learn how to put an adult diaper on for maximum comfort and which type of diaper you should choose to suit your needs.

Types of Adult Diapers

Primarily, there are two types of diapers, i.e., Adult Tape Diapers and Adult Diaper Pants. Which one you use primarily depends on your level of mobility. Some incontinence patients have mobility issues and are bedridden to an extent, due to which they would need someone's assistance (i.e., a caretaker or guardian) in almost everyday activities, like going to the washroom or changing their clothes. For such patients, Tape-Diapers are the preferred option, as they can be worn only with some assistance. However, patients who are living a considerably active life should go for Diaper Pants, which one can wear without any assistance.

How to wear diapers for adults?

Many people, at first, struggle a bit while trying to put on adult incontinence diapers, be it pant diapers or tape diapers. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to wear both kinds of diapers.

Adult Tape Diapers

How to wear Adult Tape-Diapers? Here’s how:

  1. Measure the waist and hip size of the user with a measuring tape.

  1. Choose a diaper that fits the user’s size.

  1. Ensure that you do not touch the inside of the diaper in order to avoid contamination.

  1. Softly fold the diaper lengthwise and make sure you do not make any creases while doing so.

  1. Now, hold the diaper in such a way that the side with no tapes is at the front, and the taped side is at the back.

  1. Make the user lie sideways if they can’t wear it on their own and help them spread their legs a little in order to pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back, or if the user wants to wear it with no help, they should pass the diaper between their thighs from front to back by standing and spreading their legs a little.

  1. Now, adjust it properly and ensure that the wetness indicator is parallel to the spine.

  1. Stick the tape on the lower side obliquely upwards and the tape on the upper side obliquely downwards on the frontal surface for a better grip.

  1. Now, adjust the leak guards and the diaper’s edges in order to make it comfortable and avoid leakage.





Adult Pant Diapers

How to wear Adult Diaper Pants? This is how:

  1. Measure the waist and hip size of the user with a measuring tape.

  1. Choose a diaper that fits the user’s size.

  1. Stretch the diaper width-wise and spread its ruffles in order to prepare it.

  1. Check for the blue strings to find the diaper’s front.

  1. Place your feet inside the leg cuffs of the diaper one by one in the sitting position and then slide it upwards to the knees.

  1. Pull the diaper pants upwards in the standing position.

  1. Adjust the diaper around the user’s waist by running your fingers through the waist elastic.

  1. Adjust the leak guards to make them even around the thighs in order to prevent leakage.


Manage Incontinence with Friends Adult Diapers

Managing incontinence has a lot to do with one’s mental strength since there are several psychological effects of incontinence, like depression, anxiety and stress. So, if you are mentally prepared to cope with the accompanying annoyance and obstacles, treat your incontinence the right way with Friends Adult Diapers.