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How often do you rush to the bathroom? 

Is it interfering with your daily routine?

Have you been waking up in the middle of the night not once, not twice but several times?

If you are planning your days outside of home solely based on the availability of a toilet nearby, you might be suffering from an Overactive Bladder or OAB. OAB is a situation that causes a person to urinate frequently and in short time intervals. OAB can cause urinary incontinence, meaning a need to pass urine which is so intense that the person may not be able to hold it in and wet their pants or pass urine unintentionally. 

OAB is a widespread concern among the older generation, especially those who are well into their 40s and above; women who have given birth may also suffer from an overactive bladder. In addition, urinary incontinence is sometimes hereditary, meaning it runs in families and could be passed on from one generation to another. 

You might be having issues with the overactive bladder because of a malfunction of the bladder muscle caused by nerve damage because of:

  • surgeries

  • pelvic trauma

  • abdominal trauma

  • bladder stones

  • side effects from drugs

Wetting pants in public can cause shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Moreover, it can cause severe mental distress resulting in patients isolating themselves. A hassle-free remedy that could enable you to go about your day as you wish and live a stress-free life is using adult diapers. Friends are India’s No. 1 Adult Diaper Brand, with a wide variety of options, such as Pants Style Adult Diapers, Overnight Adult Diapers, and Tape Style Adult Diapers. It is gentle on your skin, does not let the urine pool on the surface and fits you perfectly not to allow anything to leak out. No more worrying about urine leakage or consequent personal embarrassment!


Detecting OAB is tricky because there are no number of bathroom visits considered normal. Generally, fewer than ten visits to the bathroom in a day is deemed to be normal. You should also check your ability to control the urge to urinate. Seek a doctor if you’re rushing to the bathroom more than usual or it’s tough to hold it in.


By taking a few simple steps, you can make a huge difference. This is how to stop frequent urination naturally by making some minor changes to your lifestyle:

  • What you drink - Your incontinence problem could be owed to what you drink. Many patients find that what they consume directly relates to the way their bladder behaves. 
    The cinema ads weren’t lying when they said ‘Alcohol is injurious to health’. Alcohol irritates the bladder causing you to rush to the bathroom too frequently. Drinking heavily makes you lose control over the muscles of your bladder. Other beverages that worsen overactive bladder problems are tea and coffee due to the high amounts of caffeine. You can still have them, but let it be in moderation.

  • Your Sex Life - Women who engage in a healthy sexual activity experience relief in OAB. The pelvic floor muscles have an intense workout during vaginal intercourse as the contractions and orgasms cause the muscles to clench and work themselves. These muscles are known as the Kegel muscles; women with strong Kegel muscles experience greater OAB control because their pelvic floor muscles are firm. You can look up some Kegel muscle exercises on the internet and practice them every day.

  • Your Fluid Intake - Dealing with incontinence is complex, but this should never be the reason to limit your fluid intake. Strive to keep a balance. Too much liquid intake can cause you to make too many bathroom visits. Drink at least 1.9 litres of water daily. 

  • Start Journaling -It might sound a little boring, but it will be of much use. Start journaling your everyday routine. Jot down what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and any meals or snacks you had in between. Keeping a journal will help you track your eating habits, and you can see for yourself what is working for you and what is not. The next time you will steer clear of the foods that your bladder is enemies with.

  • Schedule your trips to the bathroom - You think this is a little silly, but hear us out, okay? Scheduling your trips to the toilet could help you keep track of the number of times you need to urinate. Once you know your schedule, try to hold off going to the bathroom. Keep increasing the time and train your bladder to hold in pee for longer durations.


If you keep looking for “overactive bladder home remedies” on Google and come up empty, we see you and got your back. Most patients of almost any ailment turn to natural remedies at some point in their lives. The reasons could be that their treatments have not worked, they have faced side effects from the medications they’re currently on or just a primitive reluctance to trust modern science. So we have curated a list of natural and herbal home remedies that you can use as natural remedies for overactive bladder at night to have a restful good night’s sleep.

  • Corn Silk- Corn silk is a by-product of corn cultivation that is usually considered waste. In countries like China and France, it is used in traditional medicines for bladder irritation and urinary incontinence. It helps strengthen and restore mucous membranes in the urinary tract to help with incontinence.

  • Chinese blends- Gosha-jinki-gan (GJG), a blend of 10 traditional Chinese herbs, has been shown to help incontinence during daytime. Supplements with GJG are readily available in the market today. 
    Hachimi-jio-gan is another herbal medicine popular in China that has been shown to help with incontinence. In addition, studies show that it may help with the contraction of the muscles in the bladder.

  • Cleavers- The leaves of this plant are usually brewed in a tea to treat Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Many people believe that it can also help in soothing the bladder and helping with incontinence.

  • Buchu  (Barosma betulina)- This flowering plant is found in the mountains in particular regions of South Africa. It has been used since the 1650s to treat various ailments, including kidney infections, stomachaches, and AOB.

Bear in mind, however, that these frequent urination at night natural remedies are not medically proven routes and are based on a cottage or experiential learning. If you have had a history of allergic reactions to specific herbal or otherwise medications, consult a doctor before using any herbal remedies and proceed with caution. If you notice your symptoms worsening, consult a doctor immediately.

Did you know the simple, most effective way of managing incontinence is to use adult diapers? Friends Adult Diapers is made with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Jojoba to ensure you live your life to the fullest. It absorbs the urine and turns it into a gel without making your diaper too heavy or icky. Friends Adult Diapers are the way to go!

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