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Every risk needs to be managed, in order to minimize its impact. Urinary incontinence or urine leakage is also a health risk that results in an involuntary release of urine from the bladder, which in turn affects the person physically as well as mentally. People suffering from incontinence are prone to urinary tract or bacterial infections, stress, anxiety, and depression.

 So, managing incontinence is paramount, regardless of whether it is treatable or not. In fact, when the incontinence issue is not treatable, managing it is the only option available to the patient. Due to the stigma associated with it, many people are quite secretive about their incontinence issue, which is the reason for the lack of awareness about its management amongst people. 

Thankfully, in today’s times, users have a range of incontinence products that can help them affordably and hygienically manage urine leakage of all kinds. Adult diaper products, as a matter of fact, are often more recommended than invasive solutions such as catheters which can lead to sores, infections or great pain and discomfort.

Here are the products one can use to manage incontinence:

  1.  Pads

    These bladder control products are exclusively made to manage light or mild incontinence and worn inside underwear or reusable briefs. It protects one’s skin from excess moisture, so it can be bought on the basis of the absorbency level. You can try buying Friends Insert pads which are especially useful for women with post-pregnancy incontinence.

  2. Liners

    Liners are for those who suffer from mild or light incontinence. Just like guards and pads, they are also held in place by underwear or briefs, and are available in diverse levels of absorbency. These are very similar to incontinence pads, and are recommended to patients with incidental urine leakage or leakage when sneezing, coughing, laughing, etc.

  3. Protective Underwear

    Using the adjustability of elastic, protective underwear are one-piece undergarments that can be easily pulled on as well as taken off, also referred to as pull-ups. They come in varying levels of absorbency and give protection from mild to severe incontinence. These are the preferred form of male incontinence products since they resemble underwear and can be easily and comfortably worn under clothes, without the assistance of a caregiver. Friends introduced pant style diapers for adults in the country and are the number 1 brand for this product in the subcontinent.

  4. Adult Diapers

    Adult diapers, in tape style, are for those who suffer from mild or severe incontinence. They come in a variety of absorbencies, with adhesive tapes that can be readjusted based on usage. They come with a breathable cloth-like or plastic sheet on the outer surface that prevents perspiration, thereby keeping the skin dry and healthy.

  5. Catheters

    Catheters are basically penile sheaths made of silicone, one end of which is stuck to the penis with non-latex glue and the other end connects to a bag in which urine is collected. They are hidden under the person’s clothing. However, usually, a catheter is recommended when the person has gone through surgical treatment and is not able to make frequent toilet visits due to restricted mobility, for a short time period. Long-term usage of catheters is considered the last option for patients since urinary tract infections are associated with it.

  6. Underpads

    Unlike the incontinence products mentioned above, underpads are not worn by the sufferer but are flat, leak-proof sheets used to protect beds, chairs, or other furniture from incontinence, while the patient is being taken care of, or the diaper is being changed.

As you go on to choose the right incontinence products for your friend or family member suffering from incontinence, you are required to consider two main factors - namely mobility and the level of incontinence they suffer from.

We, at Friends Adult Diapers, offer a variety of adult diapers, available in varying degrees of absorbency and for varied mobility levels. 

How to choose the right bladder control products from our website?

  • Tape adult diapers are recommended for those who are bedridden and need assistance in everyday tasks like visiting the toilet or changing clothes.

  • Diaper pants are suitable for people who do not have mobility issues and can carry out everyday tasks without requiring assistance.

Before you go out to purchase incontinence products, you may consult your doctor as they will tell you which products are apt for you, based on your incontinence condition.

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