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Nobel Hygiene

Friends UltraThinz Dry Pants are India’s slimmest adult dry pants. 

With a separate design for UltraThinz for Men and UltraThinz for Women, it is also the first ever gendered Indian diaper pant that acknowledges that women and men have different bodies, and different needs. 

Slimmer, coloured, more dynamically designed to be ‘invisible underclothing’ these ultra-thin adult diaper pants are the next-gen solution to light to medium urinary incontinence.

Made of breathable fabric, this disposable absorbent underwear is meant for adults who refuse to compromise.

“Diapers are no longer bulky products used by 70+ immobile seniors. The age of incidence of issues such as diabetes and prostate cancer is coming down,” says Kartik Johari, Head of Product and Marketing at Nobel Hygiene. “As the market leader in the adult diaper category in India, it is our duty to make the kind of product that younger, more active audiences need. Which is why, UltraThinz: An absorbent, disposable replacement to the conventional underwear.”

What are ultra-thin adult diapers?

Friends UltraThinz Dry Pants are pull-up style incontinence pants that can be used to manage light to medium incontinence. With an absorbency of nearly a liter the UltraThinz Dry Pant can comfortably absorb sprinkles, short bursts, and even trickles of urine caused due to Stress/Overflow incontinence.

The latest in India’s No 1 Diaper maker, Friends’ adult incontinence products range, UltraThinz come in two variants—for men and for women. The diaper pants are extra slim, peach in colour for women, grey in colour for men and constructed in such a way that they do not lump-up, bulge, or show up under even the tightest clothing. 

Ultra-thin diaper pants are recommended for active individuals between the ages of 30-60 with medium to light incontinence. Made of lightweight, cottony-soft material, these dry pants from Friends provide active coverage from leaks for upto 6 hours. When done tear from the sides and throw away. 

UltraThinz adult diaper sizes available: M, L, XL.

Why choose ultra-thin diapers if you have incontinence?

Simply because you deserve the best! 

UltraThinz Dry Pants are comfort and convenience combined. Here is a snapshot of the advantages of opting for this slim diaper.

  • INVISIBLE FIT: 20% slimmer may not sound like a lot, but in the world of diapering, it means the construction of a whole new fit. Engineered to fit and feel like regular underwear, these ultra thin adult diapers do not show up under clothing—no matter how tight your pants are!

  • ASSURED COMFORT: Like all Friends products, UltraThinz too, come from a heritage of 20+ years of research and production. Made with the softest pulp and cottony non-woven fabric, these ultra slim pants are gentle on the skin and do not cause rashes or itching even on wearing for 6+ hours.

  • WORRY FREE PROTECTION: A huge sneeze on a monsoon day. A sudden leak while picking up your three-year-old. The first day of a heavy period. A sudden leak when getting up at the end of a meeting. Urine leaks can happen any time, anywhere. You shouldn’t, however, have to worry or stay on guard all day. Replace your regular underwear with Friends UltraThinz and stay worry-free.

  • SPECIAL GENDERED DESIGN: Established in 1999, Friends has been making adult diapers since slim cloth diapers were all one had heard about. Our years of expertise taught us the difference between the male and female diaper-experience. While men often need a stretchier waistband, they experience leaks from along the thighs. Women meanwhile often have difficulty fitting the thigh area, or experience chafing due to harsh material. Further, both men and women urinate from slightly different areas. These fit differences require a few sizing differences, including an adjustment of the absorbent part of the diaper to make for added comfort and prevent any leaks.

Why should you use Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pants?

UltraThinz are your one-stop solution for all leaks. 

1 in 3 women face Urinary Incontinence at atleast some point of time in their life. UltraThinz are useful incontinence panties for those who urgently or frequently need to urinate or leak small amounts accidentally.


  1. CHILDBIRTH: Physical strain and hormonal changes weaken muscles that control the holding and passage of urine.

  2. MENOPAUSE: Decrease in the hormone estrogen and ageing causes the urinary tract to become thinner and less elastic.

  3. OBESITY: Extra pressure on bladder and pelvic muscles could cause the spilling of urine while sitting, sneezing, coughing. 

  4. URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS: Cause involuntary contractions of the bladder muscle, or inflammation of the urethra leading to sudden spills.

  5. HEAVY BLEEDING: UltraThinz panty diapers are also ideal for heavy period flow during the night, PCOS-led heavy bleeding, heavy bleeding due to menopause, post-pregnancy, endometriosis or any other reason. 

Unlike diapers for elderly women, the UltraThinz dry pants are sleek, slim and invisible under clothing.

1 in 5 men under 50 face Urinary Incontinence. This is symptomised by urgently or frequently needing to urinate, or leaking small-large amounts accidentally. UltraThinz are specially recommended for those who are dealing with UI caused by: 


  1. DIABETES: High blood sugar can damage nerves, muscles or blood vessels that control the bladder. Can also be a side effect of diabetes medicines.

  2. PROSTATE ISSUES: The prostate gland can get bigger or inflamed and press on the tube that carries urine out of the body, blocking the flow of urine.

  3. OVERACTIVE BLADDER: The bladder begins to contract too often or at the wrong time, leading to a frequent and urgent need to urinate, even when the bladder is not full.

  4. OBESITY: Extra weight on the bladder and pelvic muscles could cause the spilling of urine while sitting, sneezing, coughing. 

UltraThinz adult diapers for men are helpful in dealing with all forms of male urinary incontinence. Our diaper large size for adults are comfortable, sleek, thin and invisible under pants of all fits.

How to Use Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pants?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry pants:

  • Spread the dry pant width wise and smoothen its ruffles. 

  • Place the blue line at the waistband that indicates the front of the dry pant facing away from you. 

  • If it makes you more comfortable, grab a chair and sit down on it. 

  • Place one foot inside the leg cuff of the dry pant and repeat for the other. 

  • Bring it up to your knees. Now stand up and glide the dry pant all the way up to your waist. 

  • Adjust the leak guards to make sure they are not crushed and run your fingers along the waistband to adjust the elastic band. 

  • Put clothes over the dry pant and voila! You are good to go!

How to choose the right fit of UltraThinz Dry Pants for yourself?

It is important that you choose the right size of UltraThinz Dry Pants to reap their full benefits! Start by measuring your waist. Once you have that down, start looking for the UltraThinz dry pant size that is the closest to your measurement.  For example, if your waist measures 75 cm, you should buy our M size UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pants. 

Another important point to remember is that the fit should not be loose, or it might cause leakage, and neither should it be too tight, or the dry pants might cause red marks and irritation to sensitive skin. A good test is to try and put two fingers in the waistband of the dry pant, if it’s too loose size down and if it’s too tight simply size up.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ultra-Thin Adult Diapers

How often should you change an ultra-thin adult diaper?

It is recommended to change a Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pant every 6 hours. This could, however, change depending on the quantum of your leak and how often you get them. So, really as long as you are comfortable and do not feel any wetness, you can keep wearing them!

Can ultra-thin diapers hold the most pee?

No! Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pants are meant to endure light drips of urine leakage. They are not meant for users who suffer from extremely heavy leaks. You can explore our range of dry pants right here on our website if you’re looking for higher absorbency.

Will my diapers show up if I'm wearing one?

Not if you’re wearing Friends UltraThinz Slim Fit Dry Pants! They are super slim and discreet to fit just like underwear. Made keeping the different body structures of men and women in mind, there is both a male and female variant you can choose from to fit your body perfectly. Additionally, these adult diaper pants come in stylish grey colour for men and peach colour for women.  

The king of adult diaper pants for maximum mobility and protection, Friends UltraThinz can help you overcome your insecurities of smelling bad, looking bulky or seeming incontinent. If you’re still in doubt if UltraThinz are the right match for you, just give them a go!