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Do you feel worried about small things like coughing, sneezing, or even laughing?

Is urine leakage hampering your normal activities?

Jadhav Singh Rana tells us, “I can’t play with my grandchildren. I want to put them on my shoulders the way I used to do with my son. I am so fit, I run in the park every day, but lifting heavy things makes me leak urine. I don’t want my grandchildren to remember me this way.” Rana ji wrote to us 3 years ago; he has been with us ever since. Want to know why? Keep reading. 

Let us first understand what he was going through so we can appreciate his journey better.


What Rana ji was going through is called stress urinary incontinence. The unconscious and unintentional passing of urine is called urinary incontinence

Stress incontinence is caused by physical movements or activities such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, running, lifting heavy objects, etc., basically, any physical activity that exerts pressure on the bladder. It is also much more common in women as compared to men.


Your bladder expands as it fills with the urine that is produced in your body. Your urine goes out of the body through the urethra, which is a pipe-like structure and connects to the bladder. The sphincter muscles in your urethra help keep the urine in till you can go find a bathroom.

Due to several reasons, your muscles can weaken, and the urethra and sphincter fail to function as they should. This leads to stress incontinence. 

Stress incontinence can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy can weaken your pelvic floor muscles and the sphincter. You might face stress incontinence immediately after the pregnancy, or sometimes it can occur years later.

  • Prostate surgery – When the prostate gland is surgically removed to treat prostate cancer, your sphincter muscles can weaken as they lie directly below the prostate gland. This is the most common cause of stress incontinence in men.

  • Smoking can cause stress incontinence over time due to the coughing that causes the person to suffer.

  • Doing high-impact workouts over the years like running, jumping, and weightlifting can exert pressure on your bladder and cause stress incontinence.

  • Obesity – Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on your bladder muscles, thereby leading to stress incontinence.


Symptoms of stress incontinence are not too hard to recognize. It includes leaking urine when you are:

  • Bending over

  • Picking up something heavy

  • Laughing

  • Coughing or sneezing

  • Exercising

  • Having sexual intercourse

Not all of these activities will cause you to leak urine, but some can happen, especially when your bladder is full.


  • Age – ageing can cause your muscles in the urinary tract to weaken. This is a major cause of incontinence among older adults.

  • Overweight – being overweight can put a lot of pressure on your bladder and other organs of the urinary tract. This makes you have a higher risk of urinary incontinence.

  • Diseases such as diabetes.

  • Chronic coughing.

  • Injuries in the pelvic area or lower back.

  • Surgeries in the pelvic region such as a hysterectomy or surgery of the prostate gland. 

  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

Stress incontinence treatment should be sought immediately as soon as possible because life is short, and you have every right to enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t let bladder problems come in your way of living!

Stress incontinence causes you to lose control over a function that might bring a lot of shame and embarrassment. You should be especially taking care of your mental health. 

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