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Many health conditions stay for a long time and the only option they bring along with them is management. Incontinence can be treated by treating the underlying cause, but if it is not treatable, it not only needs acceptance but also proper management, else it can go haywire and ruin the quality of life. There are various ways to manage urine leakage, including adult incontinence diapers, kegel exercises, and bladder training. Considering kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises are an integral part of incontinence management, a study published in Neurology and Urodynamics a few years ago reported that dancing can not only incorporate the basics of kegel exercises but also make incontinence management more effective and fun. It does sound funny, but it is as true as it is funny.

So, even if you are not a good dancer and have always wished to show your moves without hesitating even one bit, this is your chance. Incontinence is upsetting and annoying, and its management process can surely drain you out, leaving you with no life inside you. So, making it a little less boring and accepting it as just a part of your life are equally essential. The study focused on analyzing the effects of a dance-based video game on women suffering from urinary incontinence and making incontinence management a little unusual yet equally effective for them.

The program featured an interesting combination of VR rehabilitation (virtual reality) and dance moves that were solely based on the intention of strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It turned out to be a not so traditional form of psychotherapy and also normalized incontinence a little more for these patients, as dancing instantly lightened up their mood. Women who continued following this particular treatment option not only enjoyed it but also found it to be a worthwhile exercise. It improved their bladder control to a significant degree and motivated them further to keep it going.

The majority of participants were pretty happy with the results and showed signs of improvement. Basically, the dance moves turned out to be an effective way to learn how to shape pelvic floor muscles, in order to decrease the abnormally frequent episodes of urine leakage. So, if you or any family member or friend is suffering from incontinence, start or suggest them to start doing pelvic floor-based dance exercises. It would not only help you manage incontinence in a much more enjoyable manner, but also encourage you to shrug off the accompanying annoyance and embarrassment.