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Everyone loves a good night’s sleep and wants it to be uninterrupted.

However, sleeping peacefully can be a distant dream due to certain health conditions such as heartburn, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease, and incontinence. Overflow incontinence can cause a sufferer to have to wake from sleep and walk towards the toilet at least twice at night. If it happens more frequently, it can not only leave one sleep deprived but also adversely affect your well-being.

Anyone suffering from urinary bladder problems should ideally schedule their toilet visits, so they can manage it. Severe incontinence can simply lead to sleep enuresis, which is the inability to wake up for urination, resulting in a subconscious emptying of the bladder while you are asleep.

What to do to manage nighttime incontinence?

To start with, there are two basic steps:

STEP 1: Find a solution for now

There are a wide range of overnight diapers available at Friends Adult diapers. They are highly absorbent. Moreover, Friends Overnight Diapers for Adults provide up to 16 hours of protection and help incontinence patients go to sleep without any concerns about the quality of sleep they will have.

STEP 2: Find the root cause

Once this has been dealt with, it is important to find the root cause of the problem. The root cause determines whether urinary incontinence is treatable or not. So, stop googling "how to stop frequent urination at night" and definitely consult the doctor, in order to find out the root cause. Regardless of whether it is treatable or not, if one's urinary incontinence causes more than two episodes of urine leakage in their sleep time, then that is definitely a concern.

Very often patients delay visiting the doctor because they fear the diagnosis. This makes things worse, especially because everyone who has bladder control problems does not necessarily have insomnia or sleep apnea. Having a heart condition too could be a complicating factor. Or simple because at times, when one lies down additional fluid returns to the heart and kidneys resulting in more urine production. Moreover, conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and vascular disease too can cause an increased urge to make pee-trips to the washroom.

Types of Night-time urination

The lack of urinary retention causes two major sleep related problems, namely adult nocturnal enuresis and nocturia.

  • Adult nocturnal enuresis is synonymous with adult bedwetting. The worst thing about nocturnal enuresis is that it can happen at any time. Urinary tract infections and excessive stress are two major causes of it.

  • Nocturia is basically when a person wakes up frequently to urinate. It is more of an ageing problem, but it can happen at any age. Other than urinary incontinence, it is also associated with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

It is important to keep track of the frequency and quantity of urination in order to determine how seriously incontinence has affected your sleep time. No matter what, an easy and accessible urine problem solution will always be adult diaper pants. Moreover, you can opt for Friends’ premium underpads to keep your bed clean while you manage your incontinence problem.

Adult Diapers – The Best Remedy for Nighttime Urination

We, at Friends Adult Diapers, bring to you highly absorbent, comfortable overnight diapers for adults with dual padding and anti-bacterial properties that will put your mind at ease, and will give you the uninterrupted night’s sleep that you need. In the case of senior citizens, accidents that happen after they get out of bed to use the washroom are not uncommon. With Friends’ Adult Diapers, you can not only mitigate that risk but also say a permanent goodbye to those weary nights that drain your energy away. So, if you are looking for incontinence products for men or women, go to our website and find the best overnight diapers for adults.

Our overnight diapers for adults also offer long-lasting 16-hour protection that helps people suffering from incontinence by acting as a shield against skin conditions, itching, rashes, and bacterial infections. Our range of overnight Friends Adult Diapers is the solution to your incontinence issues and the key to a good night’s sleep. Shop for the best adult incontinence diapers to enjoy untroubled, uninterrupted sleep and overall better health.

Home remedies for Night time urination

Alongside medication, diapers and doctor visits it is possible to better incontinence through a few other basic methods:

  • Avoid drinking too much before bed- If possible reduce the intake of liquids one or two hours before bedtime and even avoid all caffeine in the evening. Think before eating large salads eaten in the evening as they contain a good deal of liquid. You can even try using adult disposable diapers before you head to bed that night.

  • Beware of alcohol- Alcohol acts as a diuretic and can cause more frequent urination.

  • Try reducing the fluid build-up- From afternoon naps, and elevation of the legs to compression stockings can reduce the fluid build-up and might help alleviate waking during the night to urinate.

  • Check your medications- Certain prescriptions, such as antidepressants, can cause the bladder to not be fully empty while some might increase frequency. So, check properly before starting any medications and consult with your doctor for the same, and you might even think of giving adult disposable diapers a chance.

  • Go frequently before bed- Empty your bladder properly by going to the washroom several times if you feel you aren't done the first time. Also, you can use overnight diapers for adults to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

The lack of sleep can get one exhausted and annoyed the following day, thereby hampering concentration and productivity. Sleep deprivation can also lead to severe health issues like weight gain, depression, slow brain activity, premature death, and diabetes. The issue is more problematic among elderly people, who go through various psychological as well as physical changes. So, getting a good amount of sleep is important for them to keep themselves mentally as well as physically healthy.

If urine leakage is interrupting your night’s sleep do something to change it now!