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Manish Baldota

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Delaying a trip to the bathroom may seem easy for most of us, but there are many people for whom holding their bathroom urges is not an option. Urinary incontinence is a medical condition where a person cannot hold their urine and urine leaks before they can make it to the bathroom. This can happen to anyone but is more common in older people, especially elderly women over the age of 60.

People suffering from medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. are also known to experience urinary incontinence. In women, incontinence can happen even during pregnancy, childbirth, and the onset of menopause. In men, prostate problems can hamper urination leading to incontinence. Incontinence in elderly people is a more likely occurrence, due to changes in the body that comes with aging. This is because the bladder and urethra muscles of older people become weak with time and even simple activities like coughing, sneezing, laughing, climbing the stairs, or lifting objects can cause incontinence.

 Unrefreshed Mornings - Bane of incontinence 

Urinary incontinence and bladder control problems can disrupt one’s normal activities during the day and could also ruin a good night’s sleep. When patients have to constantly get out of bed more than two times at night to urinate, they become fatigued. Each time they have the urge to urinate, it interrupts their sleep patterns and they have to struggle to return to deep sleep. As morning approaches, they are already worn out due to lack of sound sleep and can succumb to sleep apnea or have other health complications.

Over time, urinary incontinence leads to discomfort, depression, and emotional distress among patients. In case they are unable to reach the bathroom on time, they feel embarrassed and need to call for help. When older patients have strong urges to urinate, they rush to the bathroom to avoid an accident. However, sometimes the lack of energy during the day or the inability to see clearly at night poses a risk of recurrent falls and fractures which can be fatal for them. Therefore, caretakers usually resort to using overnight diapers for adults so that patients can get some rest and prevent them from taking frequent trips to the bathroom. Overnight diapers for adults are highly recommended by doctors for patients suffering from strokes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s etc. as they need to get proper care and not have incontinence troubles through the night.

 Bane of incontinence

Diaper sheets for adults prevent leakages on clothes, controls odour, and prevent skin irritation. They are the most comfortable absorbent products, long-lasting, and safer to use than most other incontinence products. They prevent sleep disorders and ensure that the patient has the energy to go about all his/her daily activities with ease. Nowadays, it is easy to buy diaper sheets and overnight diapers for adults since they are easily and widely available in all pharmacies. Adult diaper prices are quite affordable in India and can be bought off the internet as well. However, while looking for competitive adult diaper prices online, caretakers are advised to not compromise on quality since inferior products may cause skin problems like inflammation or fungal diseases. These days, caretakers can even order the best quality diaper sheets for adults through a WhatsApp message on the number.

Caretakers are advised by doctors to look after the patient’s diet and bladder health. They must make sure that bladder voiding is done in periodic intervals during the day so that patients do not face discomfort at night, and wake up fresh in the morning. Since patients feel the need to pass urine more frequently in monsoon and winters than in summers, caretakes should be more vigilant and remove all obstacles in the path of the bathroom. This usually happens because of lower temperatures, our bodies do not sweat much and to get rid of all the excess water in our system, we have the urge to urinate more in the colder months.

Unrefreshed mornings can put a damper on an entire day, but by using proper products and taking adequate care, urinary incontinence can be managed properly.