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Why do myths exist?

Myths are nothing but old wives’ tales or folk stories that are passed down over the years as truths by people, who are more likely to form opinions based on what they know, instead of being willing to acknowledge the inadequacy of the information and understand what they truly mean. And, it becomes easier for myths to spread like wildfire, when associated with subjects that are already considered a social stigma.

Incontinence is one of those subjects, because of the accompanying embarrassment, which makes people feel ashamed of talking about it in public and leaves them with the option of dealing with it privately. This is exactly why being vocal about your incontinence issue is recommended as the first step in your fight against it, regardless of the type or severity of the condition. Not only your doctor, but even family members and friends should discuss about it, so that they can develop a complete understanding of the issue and help you fight against it with proper support and guidance.

Here are some myths about incontinence that you should shrug off, with immediate effect:

Myth #1) It is just another ageing problem

Many people ignore their incontinence issues as just another problem that comes with ageing, hoping it will recover on its own, with time. But, that is not true! Ageing is just one of the causes of incontinence, which can be managed with adult diapers to an immense extent. However, incontinence is a health condition that can also be an effect of more severe health issues like diabetes, obesity or other factors like prostate surgery. So, it can happen to anyone from any age group.

Myth #2) Fluid intake should be reduced

This is a pretty legitimate misconception, to say the least. Since urinary incontinence is basically an involuntary release of urine from the bladder, many people believe that reducing fluid intake is a good idea to control it. However, that is far away from being true. In fact, drinking plenty of water is strongly advised, because dehydration makes urine more concentrated, which leads to pain while urinating.

Myth #3) There is just one type of urinary incontinence

Most people think that urinary stress incontinence is the only kind of incontinence one can suffer from. However, there are five types of urinary incontinence, namely stress incontinence, overflow incontinence, urge incontinence, mixed incontinence, and functional incontinence. This classification is based on the root cause, as there can be varied reasons for incontinence. Read our blog on Types of Incontinence, to know more.

Myth #4) Incontinence in old people cannot be treated

Incontinence in old people is treatable under certain circumstances; so it is very essential to carefully assess their incontinence issue, in order to determine the root cause. Once you find that out, you can figure out how it can be treated. If it is treatable, the right combination of surgical therapy and assistance can do wonders. You can always manage incontinence in several ways, including adult diaper pants, Kegel exercises, and bladder training. If you are looking for effective and highly absorbent adult diapers online, check out Friends Adult Diapers.

Myth #5) Diapers are the only option

Adult incontinence diapers are a good way to manage incontinence, especially mild or light incontinence. But, in severe cases, diapers are simply not enough. Women with a severe case of incontinence need much more than just elderly diapers to manage it, such as combination therapy, surgical treatment, disposable underwear, and under pads. Women with stress incontinence can also go for pessary; while men can find catheters as a useful option, too.

Fighting incontinence the right way requires you as well as your family members or friends to have a solid understanding of incontinence, so it becomes easier for you to manage or treat it well. In order to have that level of awareness, it is important that you shrug off the myths and learn more about it, from the patient’s as well as caretaker’s perspective. And of course, Friends Adult Diapers is always here to help you with the best adult diapers and guide you!