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Taking care of a bedridden person is not limited to simply giving them food and medication. There are many health conditions that require caretakers to go beyond the basics; they must ensure that everything around the patient is clean and arranged in a way which is easier for them to manage the condition and live a relaxed, convenient life.


Urinary incontinence is one such condition, which is, basically, an involuntary release of urine from the bladder. Taking care of someone with incontinence can be a messy business. Since the bed is where the patient spends most of their time, it is prone to getting dirty and wet, especially at night.

Other than changing their diapers when required and ensuring their well-being, it is equally important to keep the bed dry and clean. Not sure how? You’ve probably tired of searching “elderly bedwetting solutions” or “bed protectors for incontinence”, so we make your work easier and bring to you in this blog a way of making your own incontinence bedding. 


1. Layering the bed with mattress covers

Muscles of the pelvic floor become weak as we age, often leading to bedwetting elderly who are usually embarrassed about their condition. Caretakers for the elderly are constantly on the hunt for incontinence bed protection because the bedsheet for patients with urinary incontinence can become very unsanitary if not taken care of properly. It is very difficult for caretakers to change the mattress every now and then. Plus, if the mess is unfixable, you’d have to replace it with a brand new one, which is not viable, considering how frequently this could happen. So, covering the patient’s mattress with multiple layers of protection for bedwetting is the key to keeping the bed dry and clean. Your incontinence bedding should include a highly absorbent, washable mattress pad placed on a flat waterproof sheet as the bottom-most layer.

Once you have laid it down on the bed, you can layer it further by using a disposable underpad on top of it that you can throw out when required. This way, urine will not reach the mattress, and you will just have to change the topmost layer, i.e. disposable underpads.

2. Using highly absorbent, overnight adult diapers

Diapers can be used as an effective bedwetting protection. Since the bed is prone to getting messy at night, due to the inability of the patient to make frequent, sudden toilet visits while they are asleep, it is essential that the caretaker chooses highly absorbent, overnight adult diapers for them. In addition, you should also ensure that you get the right size that fits the patient well. If it is too loose, the possibility of leakage will increase. This, along with changing diapers when required, will not only protect the bed but also protect their skin from getting skin infections.

3. Keep the surrounding hygienic and pleasant

Other than keeping the bed clean and dry, it is equally essential to keep the patient’s surrounding environment, i.e. the room and everything within it, hygienic. Even the smell of the room affects the patient’s mood, so you should use an air purifier, fragrance oils or scents to create a better ambience and ensure it is devoid of bad odours.


Friends has a range of products to help patients who are struggling with incontinence. Friends Adult Diapers are made specifically for the Indian body type. Our diapers are comfortable, give you a snug fit to prevent leakages and protect you for up to 16 hours! Rashes and itching can be really painful. To prevent those, all Friends diapers are loaded with the goodness of  Aloe Vera and an antibacterial top layer. We are sulphur, paraben and bleach-free.

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  • Our underpads are suitable for both males and females with a 60 X 90 cm size.

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