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Can’t sleep at night because you frequently have to make trips to the loo? Feel embarrassed that you take frequent breaks during your work hours? Do you have to locate public toilets in advance while visiting tourist places for emergencies? Excessive peeing in men is quite common with ageing. 

Let’s understand the common causes and remedies that will help you deal with this and live your life without the frustration of frequent loo breaks.

Understanding Frequent Urination in Men 

Frequent urination means you have to pee a lot more often than usual. It might feel like you're always running to the bathroom, even if you haven't had much to drink. Peeing 4 to 8 times per day is considered normal for most adults. It varies depending on fluid intake, overall health, and individual bladder capacity. Peeing more frequently than this can happen due to various reasons such as an enlarged prostate, urinary tract infection, or even just drinking too much water or caffeine. It might be uncomfortable and disrupt your daily routine.

Frequent urination could signal a health issue that needs immediate attention. Many men go through this, and there are treatments and lifestyle changes that can help. Don't hesitate to talk to a doctor who can offer guidance and support. Your well-being matters.

Common Causes of Frequent Urination in Men

It's understandable if you're worried about frequent urination - it can be bothersome! Here's a simple breakdown of the common causes of frequent urination in men:

  • Enlarged Prostate

    As men age, the prostate gland can grow larger and press against the bladder, making you feel like you need to pee more often.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

    These infections can irritate your bladder, making you feel like you have to pee all the time.
  • Incontinence: 

    Incontinence, that is, the involuntary loss of bladder control, causes the need to urinate more often and urgently. This can lead to frequent urination in men. Know more about incontinence here
  • Diabetes: 

    High blood sugar levels can make you thirsty, causing you to drink more fluids, leading to more trips to the bathroom.
  • Medications: 

    Some meds, such as diuretics or those for high blood pressure, can increase urine production.

Remember, it's important to talk to a doctor if you're concerned. They can help find out what's causing you pee more frequently and how to manage it. You're not alone in this!

Natural Remedies for Frequent Urination in Males

Dealing with frequent urination can be frustrating, but there are some natural remedies to stop frequent urination in men:

  • Limit Fluid Intake

    Try cutting back on drinks before bedtime to reduce frequent nighttime trips to the bathroom.
  • Watch Your Diet

    Include foods rich in water content like fruits (watermelon, oranges) and veggies (cucumbers, lettuce), which can keep you hydrated without overloading your bladder. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can irritate your bladder and make you pee more often. Also, steer clear of spicy or acidic foods.
  • Kegel Exercises

    These strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which can help control bladder urges. To do them, squeeze the muscles you use to stop urinating midstream. Hold for a few seconds, then relax. Aim for 10-15 reps three times a day. 
  • Stay Active

    Regular exercise can improve bladder control and overall health. This can help in dealing with excessive peeing in men.
  • Manage Stress

    Stress can worsen urinary frequency, so finding ways to relax, like deep breathing or meditation, might help.

Give these remedies a shot, but if the problem persists, don't hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. They're there to help you find relief. You've got this!


Excessive peeing in men can be a bothersome issue, but don’t worry, you're not alone. By understanding the common causes of frequent urination in men and exploring natural remedies like dietary adjustments, exercise, and stress management techniques, you can take steps towards managing this condition. Remember to reach out to healthcare professionals if needed, as they can provide personalised guidance and support on your journey to better urinary health.


Is frequent urination a normal part of ageing for men?

Yes, frequent urination can be a normal part of ageing for men due to changes in prostate health and bladder function. But, you must check with your doctor to determine its cause. 

Can prostate issues cause frequent urination?

Yes. Prostate issues like enlargement, inflammation or cancer can lead to frequent urination by obstructing the flow of urine.

When should I seek medical treatment for frequent urination?

You should seek medical treatment for frequent urination if it disrupts your daily life, causes pain or blood in urine, or is accompanied by other concerning symptoms.

How can my diet affect my urinary frequency?

Your diet can significantly influence urinary frequency. Caffeine and alcohol can irritate the bladder, while certain foods like citrus fruits can increase urine production. Read the blog to find out more about this. 

What are some common symptoms that accompany frequent urination?

Some common symptoms accompanying frequent urination include urgency, nocturia (waking up at night to urinate), weak urine stream, and urinary incontinence or the involuntary leaking of urine.

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