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Manish Baldota

There are several health conditions that people tend to accept after being in a state of denial and stress after some time, like diabetes and thyroid. However, there is a feeling of embarrassment associated with certain health conditions, like urinary incontinence. The social stigma surrounding the condition makes it difficult for a lot of people to openly talk about it and seek treatment at the right time. The frequency of urinary incontinence in women is considerably higher than men, considering some of its causes are menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth. So, women are more likely to suffer from incontinence at some point in their lives. But, for men, prostate cancer and an enlarged prostate gland are two major causes of incontinence.

One thing that is common, is that urinary incontinence can be equally inconvenient for both genders. But, when it comes to men, there are many who choose to suffer in silence until it is too late; and even then, they do not even seek medical treatment for their incontinence problem. Trapped in their shame spiral, they are not able to break out of it and think of incontinence as just another health condition, that they are supposed to pay attention to. As a result, some men think of it as just a temporary problem, and some choose to live with it until it gets too bad. Surprisingly, they do not even feel comfortable discussing it with their doctor. The major reason why so many men are embarrassed to talk about it, is because they are expected to carry that false sense of masculinity that men are conditioned with since childhood. So, they think it is better to go through the annoying, painful process, instead of opting for treatment.

Men continue living with untreated incontinence symptoms, considering they do not even consult their doctor, which is also why it is difficult to keep track of the number of men who are averse to fighting incontinence the right way.

Managing urinary incontinence involves doing kegel exercises regularly, avoiding spicy foods, bladder training, and using adult diapers. There are many diaper companies in India that offer adult diapers for women as well as men. We, at Friends Adult Diapers, have a wide collection of adult diapers online. But, that only comes after accepting it, which requires people to take the first step of busting the wrong perception of masculinity, and not giving men an added pressure to be a certain way, due to that. Lending them your attention with your judgement kept aside, will not only help them open up about incontinence but will also give them the courage to consult their doctor, thereby treating their urinary incontinence problem, at the right time.