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Urinary incontinence is a medical condition that inhibits a person to hold their urine until they reach a restroom. This loss of bladder control leads to voiding of urine at any point. This condition is nearly twice as common in women as in men and can occur due to various medical reasons. Urinary incontinence becomes more common as one ages and with time, it starts affecting the overall quality of life of the elderly.

Urinary Incontinence in Old Age May Lead to Severe Depression

Urinary incontinence is a topic that most people avoid talking about. This is mainly because of the lack of awareness among people coupled with the prevailing societal stigma regarding disorders that affect the bladder and bowel movements. Older people living with incontinence are made to feel like they’re alone and experience extreme embarrassment and shame every day. This prevents them from discussing their condition with anyone, even with their doctors. Patients suffering from incontinence are always under the fear of not making it to the bathroom in time, which is why they seek out ways to ensure that they are always near one. Their constant agitation about leakage becomes so distressing that it prohibits them from laughing too hard.

Incontinence may lead to severe depression in old age

Over time, most of the elderly patients become more reclusive due to their condition. They worry about leaking urine in front of their family or in public places and thus, start isolating themselves. This results in developing feeling of sadness, hopelessness and their moods get worsened. Added with other health conditions, the elderly start feeling dependant on their caretakers and lose vitality and zest to live. They stop going about their daily activities and do not take part or enjoy any social event. It begins to take a toll on their relationships with friends, family, and at work. All this manifests in the form of anxiety, loneliness, and severe depression in old age.

Before the elderly patients sink into depression, it is the duty of caretakers to educate them about incontinence supplies like adult diapers made for old age people that help in managing the problem according to the severity and symptoms they experience. Adult diapers are an excellent solution for old aged patients to handle incontinence issues for long hours with ease. They pose no hindrance while wearing or changing, allow the elderly patients to move about and carry on their daily activities without anxiety or social fear. There are pant style diapers for adults that can be worn like a regular underwear and absorb the flow without staining the clothes or being visible under clothes.

Adult diapers made for old age people 

These diapers made for old aged patients not only help in handling leakage, but also provide a solution against loneliness and depression. After wearing these adult diapers, the elderly do not have to keep themselves isolated or be enveloped with feelings of dread and shame. Pant style diapers for adults give freedom to older patients to enjoy their life on their terms, stay active and healthy as well as maintain their dignity. They do not have to feel ashamed about their condition, instead they can devote time to things they like to do. It is easy to procure adult diapers these days as one can even buy them online. However, caretakers must ensure that they invest in premium quality anti-bacterial adult diapers while buying online to prevent skin infections and maintain hygiene in the long run.

The feeling of depression and hypertension that is associated with urinary incontinence do not go away with time and the society needs to be more attentive to such troubles faced by people in their old age. Elderly patients need to be made aware of solutions like wearing pant style diapers for adults that will help them get through their problem conveniently. They need to be assured time and again to open up to their loved ones and healthcare professionals. They need to believe that they will not be judged or shamed in any way. This way doctors will be able to help their patients to heal and find proper treatment plans for improving their quality of life.

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