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Meeta Madkar

My grandmother, Lila Parlekar, is 90 years old and I am her sole caregiver. Nearly a year ago, she got confined to the bed and diapers became a necessity for her. I tried a few brands, but the fitting and absorption were not satisfactory and often created quite a hassle. 

Fortunately, I came across an ad for Friends premium diapers and started using these for my grandmother. I must say, they are not only comfortable for her, but also have a good level of absorbency, with no leaks and less stress on me and my grandmother. To top it all off, these diapers are affordable too. It saves me the hassle of multiple trips to the chemist, with home delivery for online orders. I would highly recommend the use of Friends  Adult Diapers for any sick and bed-ridden people who suffer from incontinence.

 Sunil Nayak

I used to buy adult diapers from retail stores and online pharmacies, but I struggled with the quality and price variations offered by different brands. The subscription plans by Friends Adult Diapers gave me peace of mind. No multiple sources, no more worry; I’ve got a single point of steady diaper supplies now! It has been a hassle-free experience. 

 Lucy Rodrigues

I used to purchase Friends Adult Diapers in the past year for my mother, from Amazon initially. But when the delivery schedules did not work out, I decided to buy the diapers directly from Noble Hygiene, which was a great decision as they are more cost-effective. Now, I have an ongoing subscription plan with them. So, I’m assured that my mum’s requirement of diapers is always sorted and she does not have to worry about running out of diapers. The large diapers which my mum uses, fit her perfectly with no wetness from the sides, and are highly absorbent too. 

Personally, I am very happy with the product because my 88-year-old mother is happy. And, wearing a diaper is no longer embarrassing for her. (I totally give credit to Friends Adult Diapers for that.)


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  • Davis George

    Friends Medium Overnight Adult Diapers for 16 hrs protection – The best overnight adult diaper – Full Five Star Rating!
    My mother 88 years old has very heavy flow, ( four to 6 times every night) . I tried a number of diapers. Only the FRIENDS Medium diaper did the job. No leak throughout the night.
    I would love to have the “Friends Medium Overnight Adult Diapers for 16 hrs protection” made available in the pull up model.

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