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Frequent Urination – A Brief Overview

If you’ve considered using diapers for old age, at least a few times in the last year, chances are you’re dealing with frequent urination.

Urination is the process by which the body expels toxins. Urine contains water, urea, uric acid and other toxins which are collected from various parts of the body by the blood and flushed out through the kidney. Urine that is produced in the kidney remains stored in the urinary bladder until it is full.

This reliving of the bladder, or urination, for most people, depending on their water intake occurs about 6 to 7 times a day, however frequent urination or situations in which one considers using diapers for old age is when it occurs above of 8 times, despite having consumed less water.

Urinary frequency, or “baar baar bathroom jaane ka problem” is thus a situation in which the person feels like they have to rush to the toilet every now and then. This urge may not actually be coupled by actual urine, but occurs nevertheless. Frequent urination can disrupt a person’s lifestyle, sleep cycle and could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.

Many people struggle with urinary frequency despite the availability of a simple solution such as adult diapers. The use of adult diapers, early diagnosis of the underlying condition causing frequent urination and its treatment can help manage situations better.

Prominent Causes of Frequent Urination

Urination seems simple but involves at least 5 different body systems. As a result of this, the underlying cause for frequent urination could be affected by various factors.

  • LIFESTYLE CAUSES: The consumption of a lot of fluids, especially caffeine or alcohol, especially closer to the night can cause frequent urination at night. If you’re wondering how to stop frequent urination at night the first thing to do is to stop consuming liquids/or alcohol up to 2 hours before our bedtime. For more tips, on how to stop frequent urination at night, speak to your general physician about nocturia.

  • ISSUES IN THE URINARY SYSTEM: This can include the malfunctioning of the bladder sphincter, the loosening of the muscles in the region, or an interruption between the system by which the bladder communicates the urge to urinate to your brain.

  • PREGNANCY: Pregnancies later in life, or repeatedly often cause frequent urination. This is because the uterus can tend to press into the bladder causing a sense of uneasiness or fullness. You can speak to your gynecologist for tips on how to control urine pressure during pregnancies. Some pregnancies can also loosen the muscles in the pelvic area resulting in urine dripping or leaking out. Your gynecologist may refer you to a urologist for tips on how to control urine leakage.

  • AGE: Aging can cause one to require a diaper for adults as the body’s natural systems become weak, resulting in the urinary system being unable to hold or pass urine successfully, without some of it leaking out prematurely.

Frequent urination can also be caused by a tumour in the pelvic region, a urinary tract infection, urethritis, a bladder tumor, stones in the urinary tract, certain medications, STIs, radiotherapy and certain neurological problems.

Have You Been Ignoring These Frequent Urination Symptoms?

Accepting that the body is going through something, and that we may need elderly diapers can be quite challenging. As the body ages or goes through pregnancy or operations, it changes—various reserves are broken, some functions are lost. However, simply ignoring the signs, hiding in one’s rooms or attempting to manage is not a solution. Learn to be kind to yourself. Speak to a doctor, a relative and buy a good diaper for adults. Take the first step towards the change.

This is especially important as frequent urination can often be a symptom of various underlying causes. If you have any other following symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

  • abdominal pain

  • constant low grade fever

  • dribbling after urinating

  • nocturia

  • blood in the urine

  • pain in the testicles

Best Practices to Manage Frequent Urination Challenges

The options available for the treatment of frequent urination depend on the underlying cause of the issue.

Diabetes mellitus, which causes frequent urination may require medication, a plan to monitor blood sugar levels and diapers for old age. Kidney infections, on the other hand, may require antibiotics.

What may also help includes:

KEGEL EXERCISES: These are exercises that involve clenching and unclenching the muscles that support the pelvis and urethra. These must be performed in sets of 10-20, 2 to 3 times a day. These are especially important post pregnancy.

BLADDER TRAINING: Timing urination to fixed intervals, and attempting to hold the urge can help one retrain their bladder.

MONITORING DIET: Monitoring fluid intake and cutting out on foods that cause frequent urination or trigger underlying causes can help as well.

CUTTING DOWN ON SMOKING: Truly, we don’t even need to explain this. the ways in which cigarettes affect your body are so many and so far apart that you might just give them up at this point.

How Adult Diapers Can Help You Overcome Frequent Urination Challenges

Stop sitting alone and googling “How to control urine leakage?” or “How to control urine pressure?” Instead, schedule a visit to your doctor today. As we have already explained, frequent urination can be caused by several underlying causes and required attention immediately. While the inability to control your urine flow can be depressing, affect your lifestyle and sleep, it can be treated if diagnosed early on.

Elderly diapers can be a friend in need at such a time.

Diapers for old age, as they are commonly known aren’t for old age at all. Instead, they are now used by people of all ages—women post-pregnancy, those suffering from chronic obesity and even young people suffering from neurological issues.

Diapers for old age are also not the clunky things that come to your mind. Friends diapers come in tape-style (for those who need assistance to put them on) and a sleek pant-style that can be skipped on conveniently under pants or skirts. Diapers for the elderly are super-soft, very light and super absorbent. They make sure your urine remains within, along with all its smells, too! Friends diapers are anti-absorbent and enriched with aloevera, chamomile and jojoba that makes sure the skin remains healthy and does not break out into rashes.

So if you or someone you love is going through frequent urination, don’t stay locked in a room—buy them a pack of Friends diapers for old age. Set them free.