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Diabetes and Frequent Urination - Overview

“Stop giving me so many sweets, I’ll get diabetes,” how often have you heard this?

Fortunately or unfortunately that’s not quite what happens in diabetes, and eating loads of sweet stuff has got nothing to do with it. Rather darkly referred to as ‘the silent killer’, diabetes is caused by a malfunction in a hormone called insulin, which is found in our bodies.

Produced by the pancreas, insulin is a sugar regulator and controls how sugar is carried by our blood to our cells that break it down to generate energy for their everyday activities. Insulin levels being affected mean an increase in blood sugar and a decrease in the amount available for cells to function.

This increase in blood sugar levels often irritates the nerves. When the nerves that help control the bladder are affected it causes urine leakage or incontinence. This is a common but often ignored diabetes problem.

In many ways, diabetes is thought to be a lifestyle disorder caused due to a lack of sleep, weight gain, stress or lack of exercise. Physical activity and maintaining a healthy BMI help regulate blood sugar levels while stress management helps manage stress hormones that boost blood sugar levels.

Incontinence is one of the key effects of diabetes, which includes constant urine leakage and fear of wetting the bed. The shame and stigma around the condition result in patients failing to talk about it even to their closest family and friends. When left untreated, the effects of diabetes on the body, including incontinence, continue to get worse, and patients continue to suffer in silence.

What Are Adult Diapers?

Adult diapers are an excellent solution in helping manage the effects of diabetes on the bladder. Friends adult disposable diapers are super-absorbent, super soft and engineered for 8+ hours of dryness. Some important features of the Friends Adult Diapers are as follows:

  • Incontinence diapers usually come in two types. Tape style, which opens and closes and pull-up pant-style.

  • Friends Adult Disposable Diapers contain high quality SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer which is a grain-like chemical that absorbs liquid, converts it into a gel form and holds it in preventing leakage of any sort.

  • Our incontinence diapers are enhanced with aloe vera to guarantee softness and keep away rashes and itching.

  • Our easy range of adult disposable diapers can be worn at home during the day or while going out for a few hours. Our Premium range offers 8+ hours of dryness and is useful for those who go to work, or expect to be unable to change their diaper for up to 8 hours. Our Overnight adult diapers, meanwhile, guarantee up to 16 hours of all round protection.

Adult diapers are a relatively new commodity in India. In 2000 when our founder Kamal Kumar Johari attempted to sell the adult diapers, he realised there was a need for incontinence products in the Indian market, but there was no awareness of diapers or how they should be used. Thus, the journey of Friend’s adult diapers started, which not only took affordable adult disposable diapers to 1000s of customers but also started a national conversation on incontinence.

Today, even though the stigma around diapers lives on, there has been some progress. Adult diapers are now displayed upfront in shops, people talk about it quite openly and doctors do not hesitate to recommend the product.

Adult Diapers - How Apt Are These In Managing Frequent Urination Challenges?

Adult diapers can help manage frequent urination and the other effects of diabetes by:

  • Providing immunity against sudden gushes

  • Allowing patients a restful night’s sleep

  • Keeping surfaces dry in case a patient voids

  • Helping the patient regain mental peace (as he does not have to worry about soiling again)

  • Helping during urine training such as kegel exercises, bladder diary or bladder push.

The effects of diabetes and related incontinence can put people into depression. They may refuse to leave the room, talk to people or be afraid that every time they do, their bladder will act up. Diapers can help win over these fears and allow users to focus on their everyday life! :)

Adult Diaper Usage - Best Practices

What happens in diabetes is that the affected bladder either becomes overactive or underactive. Diapers can help manage unplanned voiding caused due to these.

1. Pull-up diapers -

Pull-up diapers are easy to use and come with an elasticated waistline. Users can simply use them like boxers or underwear under whatever they are planning to wear. Pull-up diapers are slim and soft and do not show up under clothes. They are safe and comfortable for women as well.

2. Tape Style Adult diapers -

These come with reattachable tabs in the side and are better for immobile or bedridden patients. This needs to be positioned between the legs, both sides stretching out towards the waist and then tabs used to secure them tightly in place.

What happens in diabetes is that a person may lose their ability to detect when they want to urinate. As a result, they may not know when they have passed urine, and may not be able to detect when a diaper is full. To solve this, Friends Adult Diapers have a wetness indicator along its centre. This is a thin strip with a series of numbers. This disappears when the diaper is full telling you when it is time to change.

The top sheet of Friends Adult Diapers is also enriched with aloe vera, chamomile and jojoba making it rash-resistant so that the user’s skin stays nourished and healthy. The diaper contains SAP which has antibacterial properties allowing for a safe, clean experience.

To know more about the Friend’s adult diaper click here (link doc’s page) or call our experts on 18604259009.

How to Choose The Best Adult Diaper

To select the best diaper follow the following steps:

  1. Say goodbye to stigma - understand that there is no shame in using diapers. Incontinence is an illness like any other and must be treated accordingly.

  2. Choose your style - if you are an active person who often wears tight clothing, choose pant-style diapers. If you have someone to assist you, and are bedridden choose tape-style.

  3. Choose the right variant - friends diapers come in Easy, Premium and Overnight. Easy diapers hold urine for up to 6-8 hours. Premium gives 10 hours of protection while Overnight diapers give 16 hours of dryness. Understand how long you intend to use the diaper for and choose the variant accordingly.

  4. Choose the right size - measure yourself in inches and choose the right size. For a diaper to work effectively it has to fit snuggly along your body. Loose ends, or spaces around the thighs will cause it to trickle or leak.

  5. Follow the wearing directions correctly and make sure the diaper is not used beyond the hours of absorption it was made for.

Choose Friends - with over 2 decades of experience in diaper making, our diapers and dry pants are engineered for the Indian body. We have special leg guards to stop inner-thigh trickle and have constantly innovated on our product filling and outer layer to make sure it is the softest, most-absorbent product possible. Our helpline number is available all 7 days of the week so we can address our customers swiftly and efficiently.