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While watching a movie in a theatre, if you suddenly get disturbed by unexpected phone calls from telemarketers, you usually switch off the phone, or just tell the person to call you back at another time. Incontinence is like those annoying phone calls, that one unexpectedly gets while they are out travelling or busy; the only major difference is that you can neither switch it off nor command it to come back at some other time.

An involuntary release of urine from the bladder is known as urinary incontinence while releasing faeces or wind from the rectum is called bowel incontinence. It is not only annoying but also psychologically harmful, as it can result in issues like depression and stress if neither treated nor managed properly. So, the mountains might call you or the oceans might wave at you, but if you are not prepared to manage it while travelling, neither the mountains nor the oceans will help. Besides wearing comfy, absorbent adult diapers, here are some other measures people suffering from incontinence can take while travelling, in order to ensure that they have a good time.

1. Consult your doctor for medications

Consult your doctor several weeks before the scheduled trip starts, so he/ she can recommend the right medications that will keep you relaxed and minimize the impact of incontinence. A proper blend of pelvic floor exercises and medications can actually work wonders.

2. Make a checklist

A few days before you leave for the trip, make a proper checklist to prevent the need to visit the toilet, exhaustingly often. Ensure you book an aisle seat, so it is easier for you to make toilet visits. Also, make comfy accommodation arrangements in advance.

3. Carry travel essentials on your journey

While you pack your travel bags, ensure that you fill it with all essential items that you need to manage incontinence, such as highly absorbent tape/ pant adult diapers, extra towels, and undergarments. You can also carry portable toilet seat covers in order to protect your peace of mind from intolerable or disgusting public toilets, while you’re on the road.

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4. Plan your toilet visits more regular

Before you being your travel, ensure that you plan your bathroom visits to be more regular than usual. It is better to visit a toilet and try to empty the bladder, instead of waiting for unexpected nature’s calls, and then be forced to wait further while holding it in until you see a clean toilet or rest stop.

5. Have a lot of water

Just because incontinence is associated with leakage, that does not mean you should cut down on water consumption. In fact, it is a healthy habit; so you should drink water regularly to keep yourself hydrated. This will make your urine less concentrated, thereby reducing any accompanying irritation one feels when the urge to urinate is triggered.

6. Avoid incorrect foods and drinks

While you are on vacation, ensure that you do not consume foods or drinks that accelerate incontinence, be it bowel or urinary incontinence. Avoid carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, excess Vitamin C, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate as these will irritate the bladder more.

If the person suffering from any kind of incontinence does not take the right measures, in order to manage it while they’re travelling, it can ruin their trip and keep them as well as their close ones stressed out throughout the trip. So, keep the things mentioned above in mind while you are planning your vacation or you are on it, so you as well as your family or friends enjoy it as much as expected.