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“Bought this (Friends Overnight Tape Style Diaper) for my grandmother who can’t move properly nowadays and she had a very pleasant experience with it. Seeing her happy makes our day easier too. Will continue to buy this product for my grandmother for the rest of the year. Highly recommended for senior and super senior people. 

Edit: It’s been two years and we’re still buying diapers from Friends! Thank you, Friends Adult Diapers!”

Read a review by Rohit Chandran on Amazon, and the little edit done after two years really won our hearts! In this blog we’re going to take you through the various benefits of the not-so-appreciated Tape Style Diapers, because after seeing Rohit’s review how could we not!

Some Important Benefits of Friends Tape Style Diapers for Adults

“Are tape style diapers really worth it?” is a question we are frequently asked on our social media platforms, and we always explain the numerous benefits of our tape style diapers. Here in this blog, we’ll set the records straight officially. 

  • Continued Hours of Protection


    Friends Diapers offer you up to 8-16 hours of azadi from wetness and urine leakage depending on the variant. With this you can erase the misconception that pant diapers last longer and offer better protection against urine leakage from overflow than tape type adult diapers.

  • Wetness Indicator

    Wetness indicators completely remove the risky guess work you need to do from the entire equation. Every Friends Diaper comes equipped with a wetness indicator. This wetness indicator looks like a yellow line running down the diaper length at the front that changes to a blue color or is a series of number code at the front of the diaper length that disappears when it meets wetness. This lets you know when it’s time for a diaper change.

  • Heavy Absorption Leak-Proof Technology

    Friends Tape Style Diapers are designed with the most innovative and efficient technology to give you the best experience with diapers. They are equipped with a dual core padding at the target zone for quick and heavy absorption to protect your skin from wetness and moisture. For an extra safety measure, they are also equipped with standing leak guards to prevent any and every trickles and leaks from the sides.

  • Super Absorbent Gel Core

    Also known as SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is a high-quality material used in Friends Adult Diapers that effectively absorbs and retains urine while locking away wetness from your skin. When liquid is absorbed by the SAP, it gets turned into gel-like beads which allows SAP to absorb and hold liquid many times its own weight.

  • Super-Soft Surface

    Friends has a super-soft, non-woven top sheet. This top sheet is cloth-like and entirely breathable to let the air flow through to prevent rashes, irritation and infections and keep your skin at its optimum, healthy condition.

  • Prevents Rashes

    Every Friends Diaper is enriched with aloe vera, jojoba and chamomile extracts for enhanced care of your skin and to protect it from rashes, irritation and infections. So, you can rest easy about diaper rashes and things alike, just make sure that you change the diaper once it’s wet and soggy and the wetness indicator has changed color or disappeared.

When to Choose Tape Style Diapers?

The choice of diaper will depend on the level of mobility of the user. If the user has mobility issues, is bedridden or needs assistance for their day-to-day activities, tape style diapers are the best choice for them.

People also prefer tape style diapers over pant style diapers as they provide a strong and secure fit and can be readjusted multiple times to fit a variety of needs.

In the end however, as every other thing, it comes down to preferences. Some prefer pant type, and some tape, both are superb choices and we hope the people who made the choice are having a pleasant experience with it. With Friends aapko Azadi Mubarak! 

FAQs Related to Is Tape Style Diapers for Adults

1. Which taped diapers are best?

Of course, it’s Friends Overnight Adult Diapers and Friends Premium Adult Diapers Try it to believe it. 😊

2. How do you put on taped diapers?

Glad you asked! We have an entire page dedicated for instruction on how to wear diapers, you can visit that page by clicking right here.

3. What is the use of tape in diapers?

The tape in diapers exist to let you adjust and readjust the diaper according to your needs

4. When should I switch to tape style diapers?

Tape Style diapers for adults are best for people with mobility issues or who are bedridden. But you can also switch to tape style diapers  if you personally prefer tape type diapers for adults to pant type diapers for adults.