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Summer is the season that is synonymous with fun and frolic. It’s the time to get your checklist out and tick all the fun activities. However, for a person suffering from incontinence, the scorching heat acts a hindrance in their daily activities.

In order to take control of your life and your summer with the following tips -


Staying hydrated is a big requirement for everyone especially for someone suffering from incontinence, as they tend to pass urine with higher frequency as compared to others. It is a common misconception that drinking more liquid leads to more leakage, while the fact of the matter is that one is required to consume optimum amount of fluids, especially water, to stay hydrated during the summer. For instance, it is suggested that a person suffering from urine leakage must have six glasses of water of which around 1.5 litres is lost from the body through urine and about 500 ml is lost through breathing and perspiration. However, a person must consider the balanced meal full of fruits, vegetables, and cereals, etc, to cover the partial water intake required for their body. Although, the remaining fluid intake should not include any fizzy or caffeine-based drinks to avoid triggering urge incontinence in some people.

Furthermore, while making sure you stay hydrated and you could look for good elderly diapers or leak-proof diapers for adults in India to manage your incontinence.


People usually tend to get rashes or develop skin problems during summer due to excess heat and sweating. This situation can possibly be worse if a person is suffering from bladder control loss. Using adult disposable diapers made of highly absorbent materials are then highly recommended to avoid such risks of rashes. Opt for good quality products and materials such as the anti-bacterial SAP which absorbs moisture/liquid with deodorising function. To take extra care, use wet wipes, or speciality creams to keep your private parts moisturised at all times.

Odour Control

Incontinence often tends to cause the release of bad odour, as the low water intake causes the urine to become more concentrated thereby making the odour even stronger. This can get particularly unsettling when you are in a public setting, trying to have a good time or are simply enjoying a little leisure activity. To avoid such situations you must wear elderly diapers with an odour lock feature to make sure that your urine doesn’t smell bad. In addition to less water intake, diabetic patients tend to have the absence of sugar and ketone levels that accumulates in the urine which can cause strong odour as well. Furthermore, one must also avoid certain food products like coffee or radish etc. which have a rather strong aroma.

Temperature Difference

If you’re suffering from urine leakage keeping the temperature difference in consideration is important. With the temperature outside rising to as high as 45 degrees, people end up staying in ACs for long periods. However, the changing temperatures and the shift from being in AC to being without one can cause an impact on urine leakage. Studies suggest that the constant changing of temperatures makes it difficult for the bladder muscles to control urine. One of the easiest ways to manage the situation is to wear adult disposable diapers.

Bathroom schedule

Keep a bathroom schedule and stick to it. If you know you get the urge every few hours, then time it and go half an hour before that. Following this schedule will keep your mind at ease. In order to further stay relaxed, you must always look for good leak-proof diapers for adults that you can get in India and use the same to manage urine leakage!

Keep it airy

To avoid problems such as trapped moisture which can lead to the growth of bacteria or other infection, one must keep the area around their urethra dry. Wearing loose, cotton clothes rather than tight-fitting jeans or nylon underwear help you achieve that. Using breathable elderly diapers with an anti-bacterial SAP which absorbs moisture/liquid and also allows some flow of air while helping you manage your urine leakage at the same time.

Follow these simple tips, look for good adult disposable diapers and use them for a lovely summer!

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