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The onset of urinary incontinence or the sudden, unavoidable leakage of urine can bring a cloud of anxiety, despair, and embarrassment to the patients. Despite taking medicines and using incontinence aids to manage their urine flow, patients are always worried about leakage. 

Urine leakage can be well managed with the use of incontinence products like diapers made for adults. Even with super absorbent diapers, sometimes leakage can occur due to various reasons. This can affect the patient and their caretaker in more than one way. Hence it is best to familiarize oneself with ways to avoid diaper leakage.

But managing spills and leakage is more than just solely relying on adult diapers. Keep reading to find out what else you can do in addition to an adult diaper.

1. Choosing superior quality adults diapers 

One of the most common reasons behind leakage is the purchase of low-quality diapers that cannot absorb the patient’s heavy flow. Caretakers or patients must choose hypoallergenic diapers made from superior absorbent materials which are able to contain moderate to heavy incontinence flow, rather than choosing ordinary diapers available at lower costs. 

Choosing superior quality adults diapers

2. Pick the right kind of diaper

Adult diapers come in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of the wearer. Different styles of diapers are meant to be used on different occasions or times of the day. Bedridden patients or those who suffer from a heavy flow should use overnight diapers for adults even during the day. Overnight diapers are designed for long hours of usage and have high absorbency levels, thereby minimizing the chances of leakage. Patients who experience moderate incontinence flow can use pull-on diapers or disposable adult diapers that are easier to wear and change. These diapers can be worn during the day as they fit like regular underwear. Patients can wear these diapers under their clothes and step out without worries as these can be adjusted to the comfort of the wearer.     

Pick the right kind of diaper

3. Make sure that the diaper fits well

Diapers need to fit snugly around the legs of the wearer. If the tape or elastic of the diaper is loose and does not fit well, it can leave gaps near the nether regions, legs, or waist. This gives room for leaks. Likewise, if the diaper fits too tight, it cannot provide enough coverage or have adequate space to absorb the flow of urine. This results in leaks and stains on the wearer’s clothing. Properly fitting disposable adult diapers are those that do not restrict any movements and embrace the contours of the patient’s body. A secure fit contains the outflows without any mess. Caretakers must choose the correct diaper size from the varying size ranges available. A compactly fitted diaper can trap and absorb the patient’s discharge for long hours.

Change diapers periodically
4. Change diapers periodically – 

Although overnight diapers for adults have enhanced absorbency for long hours, not changing them from time to time can result in leakage. Wearing a diaper for too long can also bring about painful skin rashes, bad odor, and leaks due to soiling. 

That's the reason it's recommended to purchase disposable underpads along with adult diapers to keep the users' clothes and bedcovers dry and secure. Friends underpads are highly absorbent and hygienic, unlike commonly used non-absorbent rubber sheets that just leave the user in a pool of urine.

There are multiple brands of diapers and other incontinence products in the market today. While some users prefer the natural fit of a specially designed diaper, others may not be comfortable with it. Caretakers must choose a size and style that is most comfortable for the wearer. However, if leaks persist, it is best to switch brands and buy a more long-lasting, absorbent overnight diaper for adults. With a bit of research and careful selection, it is easy to find a well-fitting incontinence product that keeps away soiling and leakage.

5. Why Wearing Two Adult Diapers Isn’t the Answer 

How to prevent urine leakage from diapers or how to prevent diaper leakage in adults is a common question that comes to mind when taking care of a sick loved one. You may have come across the practice of "doubling up" on adult diapers, where individuals wear two incontinence briefs or diapers simultaneously to enhance absorbency and prevent adult diaper leaks.

However, this approach comes with significant drawbacks. First, there's the evident expense, as it's often more economical to invest in the appropriate absorbency rather than using two diapers at once.

More importantly, doubling up doesn't effectively increase absorbency. Since adult diapers feature a waterproof or non-pass-through exterior, any excess liquid from the first diaper won't pass through to the next. Instead, it's prone to leak out through the leg openings once the product is saturated.

In essence, wearing two adult diapers doesn't address the issue of why diapers leaks or adult diaper leak. It may, in fact, exacerbate the problem.

Some Tips to Prevent Adult Diaper Leaks

Are you grappling with issues like adult diaper leaks? Fear not, as practical solutions can be implemented to address and prevent these concerns. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into achieving a leak-free experience, ensuring you can comfortably navigate daily activities without disruptions, especially while you sleep.

1. Avoiding Adult Diaper Leaks

If you're dealing with challenges such as adult diaper leaks, iit's important to understand why they might be happening. You could be using a diaper that is too big for you or loose in places, leading to leaks. You could be overwearing a diaper beyond its recommended time or using a diaper that is not suited to your level of urine leakge. 

2. Overnight Incontinence Products

When encountering adult diaper leaking at night, consider incorporating specialised "overnight" incontinence products into your routine. Friends Adult Diapers are designed to provide enhanced protection, particularly during nighttime. With superior absorbency, they can effectively manage leaks for up to 16 hours without the need for a change.

3. Avoiding Vaseline Usage

Steer clear of using Vaseline on your perineal area, as it can form a barrier hindering moisture absorption by your incontinence product. Opt for specialised products, like Formula 2 moisturiser and barrier cream, designed for the perineal area. This cream not only nurtures and heals the skin but also acts as an effective barrier without compromising the performance of your incontinence product.

4. Considering Friends Adults Diapers

If you've exhausted efforts in adjusting your current brand without success, it might be time to consider a switch to Friends Adults Diapers. Our adult diapers feature:

  • Standing leak guards to prevent leakage from the sides
  • A super-absorbent gel core that turns liquids into a gel form
  • Anti-bacterial protection to keep you away from rashes and the spread of bacterial infections
  • Anti-rash protection with the goodness of aloe vera extracts in our tape style diapers

We've got all your incontinence needs covered with our S-XXL sizes, absorbency levels ranging from 6-16 hours, and pant and tape style diapers. Additional products such as Bed Bath Towels, Insert Pads, Underpads and Maternity Pads ensure your unique needs are met. Azadi Mubarak! 

By addressing the root causes and implementing these tips, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of adult diaper leaks, promoting comfort and confidence in your daily life.