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Smitha R. Kumari*, 32, a resident of Bhopal, experienced something unusual on the fourth day after having delivered a baby girl. She noticed unexpected urine leaks from her bladder and started to worry about it. However, instead of openly talking to someone in her family about it, she shrugged it off as a mere postnatal health condition, that would resolve itself soon. But, the situation did not improve. As a result, it became more difficult for her to cope with it. Being secretive about it was just not working out, either.

So, after a few weeks of ignoring this uncomfortable situation, Smitha consulted her doctor and found out that she was going through stress urinary incontinence, which is common during or after pregnancy. Fortunately, her incontinence issue was not so severe that it could not be treated. Finally, she went ahead with the treatment option recommended by her doctor along with some medications, which has since helped her get rid of her incontinence condition.

There are many more incontinence cases in which the patients choose not to be vocal about their incontinence issues at first, and then regret it later, when it’s too late. Once the issue gets extremely severe, it can also become untreatable, and then the only option left is to attempt to manage it.

So, with the intention to raise awareness about ‘Incontinence’ and encourage people suffering from incontinence to be open and vocal about it, World Continence Week was an initiative taken by the International Continence Society (ICS) initially in 2008 in Cairo. Since then, it is generally celebrated during the second half of June every year, with a variety of activities being organized all over the world.

As we reflect on the significance of World Continence Week this year, we, at Friends Adult Diapers, in association with Daan Utsav, aim to:

● Facilitate awareness about all types of incontinence

● Make people aware of real-life instances of people who suffer from incontinence but cannot afford diapers, in order to highlight the massive need for adult diaper donation.

● Encourage people to donate a diaper with Daan Utsav on Donatekart. Our goal is to receive a minimum of 1000 diapers by the end of July 2019.

In addition, the campaign will also involve promoting our initiative using the hashtag #StopDiaperShaming and #PowerToChange across our social media platforms. Through this campaign, we also wish to emphasize the inconsiderateness shown by people shaming those who use diapers, and the importance of doing something meaningful to help, instead of being part of the problem.

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