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Manish Baldota

The world has come to a standstill as everyone fights against the COVID-19 pandemic. Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the globe, with more than millions of confirmed cases in almost 188 countries. While the entire world is facing the Corona crisis, it is getting difficult, especially, for healthcare professionals to cope day by day.

Adult diapers: A boon during COVID-19 battle

The doctors and paramedical staff are required to wear a Personal protection kit or PPE which covers them from head to toe before they treat patients. The suit includes goggles, masks, and gloves that cover them completely. Furthermore, global standards limit the usage of one set of PPE suit for 6-7 hours. However, due to the increasing number of cases, there is a major drift between demand and supply of these protective suits. The shortage causes pressure in healthcare professionals to save resources which makes them stay straitjacketed for almost seven hours whilst avoiding drinking water and bathroom breaks.

To remain on top of this situation the professionals use leak-proof diapers for adults not just in India but across the world. Like the Indian peers, doctors in some other countries too are resorting to the use of adult diapers for men and women to save the bathroom trip altogether. Moreover, it is a disaster for the female staff who are on their periods and need to change their pads or tampons regularly. The situation worsens as May progresses, and comes to ends, the temperature rises to 40 degrees or more in most countries before the onset of monsoon. With the PPE kit made of thick material, it can cause suffocation, sweating, and other severe conditions. Furthermore, as the Coronavirus spreads more quickly in low temperatures, hospitals are switching off ACs and fans even during this weather which can further cause dehydration, fatigue, mobility impairment, etc. In situations like these adult diapers for men and women act as a blessing in disguise for these professionals by allowing them to drink enough water to battle the heat and humidity of the weather. Moreover, it acts as the perfect solution while working through a shortage of PPE kits. The adult diapers for men and women allow the medical staff to fight the pandemic effectively without further jeopardizing their personal health.

Adult diapers for men and women

On the contrary, holding their pee can lead to several other infections and be highly risky for all the frontline professionals. Hence, apart from aiding people to manage several types of incontinence, leak-proof diapers for adults are serving as a great help for all doctors and paramedics in India and other parts of the world.

Lastly, as we fight the deadly virus, we must continue to follow all the rules that are laid out to control the pandemic and support all the frontline professionals battling COVID-19.

Coronavirus Protective Measures