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Nothing, and we mean NOTHING in life should be as tough as clearing UPSC exams. Not even wearing adult diapers! Brands that are able to win over their consumers' hearts tell them what products to buy to fulfil their specific needs and even how to use these products! This is why we bring to you a Friends' guide on wearing diapers for elders, or anyone who might need a diaper, because we make the best diaper for elders.


For an elderly who might be suffering from incontinence, the best diapers for elderly can provide mental and physical relief.

  • You are free from the embarrassment of wetting your pants in public as such incidents can cause deep shame to the person.

  • You are free from the stress of wetting your pants in public and struggling to find a bathroom nearby in cases of emergency.

  • Adult diapers today are discreet and do not show from over your clothes, they are slim and comfortable to wear.

  • You are not tiring yourself out by rushing to the bathroom every two minutes.


There is no hard and fast rule that a diaper for old person can't be worn by a younger person who is in need of one. Feel free to use this as a guide to wearing diapers regardless of your age or gender. Friends makes diapers for elderly man that will work remarkably as diapers for elderly woman too, because they are unisex in nature.

Before we tell you how to put a diaper on an elderly person, let us first settle on the size and style of diapers they might need.

Diapers for old age people must be selected by:

  • Measuring their waist in centimeters (cm) or inches (in).

  • Finding the smallest size that corresponds to the user's waist measurement.

  • Visiting friendsdiaper.in or your nearest local pharmacy or general store to see the variants of diapers we have available for your specific needs.

While selecting incontinence diapers for elderly, you should ask yourselves two questions.

  • Are they mobile or bedridden?

  • Do they need assistance in doing activities such as wearing clothes, for example?

Based on their needs, there are three types of diaper for elderly patients available at Friends.


Friends is India’s No. 1 Adult Diaper Brand for over 20+ years, and for good reason too. We give you:

  • Maximum absorbency with Japanese SAP which turns the liquid into gel form at lightning- fast speed

  • Leak protection with standing leak guards, so you can go about your day stress- free

  • Mask odor and wetness indicator for ease of use

  • Up to eight hours’ protection

  • No pooling or spillage because of deep channels

  • Diapers that are 100% Sulphur, paraben, bleach and chemical fragrance- free

  • A range of incontinence products to cover all your needs, from pant style and tape style diapers, economy and premium adult diapers, overnight adult diapers to additional incontinence products like bed bath towels, adult insert pads and classic and premium underpads. When we say we have got you covered, we really mean it.

With Friends Adult Diapers, Azadi Mubarak!



Tape style is a variant of diaper for senior citizens who are bedridden or need help in doing physical activities. For putting on a tape style diaper while the elderly is lying down, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Sanitize your hands before touching the diaper or wear latex gloves.

  2. Do not touch the inside of the diaper to prevent any contamination of germs.

  3. Gently fold the diaper along its length but without making any creases.

  4. Ask the elderly to lie in a comfortable place and turn sideways.

  5. Now ask them to spread and bend their legs a little and pass the diaper between them.

  6. Keep the diaper side with tapes at the back, and the side without any tapes at the front.

  7. Assist the user in getting on their back again and adjust the diaper properly.

  8. Make sure the wetness indicator is aligned with their spine.

  9. Peel off the tapes at the back of the diaper and paste on the front landing area.

  10. Make sure the standing leak guards of the diaper are not crushed to prevent any side leaks.


Pant style is a diaper for old age person who is mobile and able to do things on their own with little to no assistance. For wearing such a diaper here’s what you can do:

  1. Sanitize your hands before touching the diaper or wear latex gloves.

  2. Do not touch the inside of the diaper to prevent any contamination of germs.

  3. Gently stretch the diaper width-wise and spread the ruffles at the top.

  4. The blue strings at the top indicate the front of the diaper.

  5. Sit down in a comfortable position and pass one foot inside the leg cuff of the diaper

  6. Repeat the same process for the other leg. Slide the diaper up to your knees.

  7. Now stand up and slide the diaper upwards.

  8. Adjust the elastic around the waist.

  9. 9. Adjust the leak guards and make sure they are not crushed to prevent leakage.


Friends Adult Insert Pads are the best diaper for old age person who leak just a few drops of urine. These insert pads can be stuck onto the underwear and disposed after use. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Peel off the tape at the back of the insert pad

  2. Gently, stretch the pad length-wise.

  3. Stick the gluey side of the insert pad on the inner-side of your underwear

  4. Wear your underwear as usual.

  5. Adjust the leak guards evenly around your thighs to prevent leaks.

If you are facing difficulties in wearing or assisting someone in wearing adult diapers, write to us on help@nobelhygiene.com and we shall be glad to help you figure it out :)