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Many people experience frequent urination as they age which makes them urinate more often than normal. This can also result in them having to wake up frequently during night to urinate, this condition can be termed as Nocturia, or nocturnal urinary frequency.

The biggest issue associated with nocturia is sleep deprivation. A grown adult needs upto 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day to for their best health and wellbeing. But having to frequent the toilet at night can disrupt your sleep often and make going back to sleep harder for you.

But the negative effects of sleep deprivation don’t stop there! It can also have other serious physical and mental health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, depression, anxiety, obesity, and infertility that needs a whole another blog for itself to be explained in detail.

Visiting the bathroom frequently at night can also increase the risk of accidents and injuries. The main reason being that it can be dark and the bathroom can be wet and slippery. And even if you fall, help might not arrive immediately as everyone else is probably already asleep.

Life is a lot harder with frequent urination or nocturia, but we have a question for you: Why risk so much over something when overnight adult diapers for incontinence can help you with frequent night time urination?

Why overnight adult diapers for frequent night time urination?

Old age is considered a second childhood and adult diapers are exactly what is needed for such adults, and their care takers. They might at first shy away from using adult diapers because of the shame-based stigma surrounding it, but it lies upon us to make them, and everyone else realize that adult diapers are specifically developed for their comfort and happiness. Instead of considering it as a sign of inability, we must see it as a necessity; just like how a cane is used to aid walking! Simple as that.

The best overnight adult diaper for people who visit the bathroom frequently at night

Picking a diaper for frequent urination at night is very easy because there are urge incontinence diaper products especially designed for frequent nighttime urination – Overnight diapers. Consider the following things when buying an adult diaper for your night time use:

  • Must be the best at absorption

    The diaper you pick for night time urination must have high absorbency levels to keep you dry throughout the night.

    We got something for you: Friends Overnight Diaper Pants and Friends Overnight Adult Diapers. Our overnight adult diapers are made with high quality wood pulp and SAP (or super absorbent polymer) that makes it capable of absorbing upto one and a half liters of liquid a night and provide you 16 hours of dry-goodness!

  • Provide you protection against leakage

    Or, they should have side leak guards and should fit perfectly to prevent side spills. Every Friends overnight adult diaper has side leak guards to prevent spillage effectively. So you can rest easy about staining the bedsheet underneath.

  • Extra comfortable

    All things said and considered, you do have to wear the diaper throughout the night, so it should offer you the best of comfortability for a good, uninterrupted sleep. Ensure that the adult diaper for urinary incontinence you are buying is made with soft materials and designed to allow for freedom of movement. Friends overnight diapers got you covered in this department. They are designed with a dual pad core and a breathable topsheet and backsheet to give you the best of comfortability while still preventing any leakage and spills.

  • Prevent rashes and irritation

    Friends overnight adult diapers for incontinence are anti-bacterial and 100% free of any chemicals and fragrances that might prove harmful to your skin. They are also treated with Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Chamomile for advanced skin care and to protect you from diaper rashes, skin irritations and infections.

  • Must be durable

    It should last an entire night without breaking down or leaking. You can count on Friends overnight diapers for incontinence on this one.

  • A wetness indicator and odor lock are always welcome

    Wetness indicators are a very useful feature for both the wearer and caregivers to determine when a diaper needs to be changed. Odor control helps in reducing the embracement and discomfort commonly associated with wearing diapers.

Choose a diaper size according to your overall weight and you’re all set for a good night sleep! You can buy friends overnight diapers for frequent night time urination from our website itself, you just have to choose between pant style and tape style diapers for incontinence according to your preference! Now we’ll sign off, with Friend aapko Azadi Mubarak!