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The Connection Between Bathroom Habits and Adult Urinary Health

Our body’s urinary system controls the passing of urine each day. A normally functioning urinary bladder has a capacity to hold urine for some time. When it gets full, the nerve signals in the brain prompt one to visit the bathroom and relieve the bladder. The urethra’s sphincter muscle relaxes and force the urine out of our body and once done, the sphincter muscle contracts again until the next time. This occurs for quite a few times during the day. However, when a person’s bladder and sphincter muscles lose control, they begin to lose their ability to hold urine even for a short interval and lose their freedom to visit the bathroom when they want to. Such a condition where loss of bladder control resulting in urine leakages is called urinary incontinence.

Understanding the Frequent Urination Symptoms

Going to the bathroom a couple of times during the day is normal. However, if one has to visit the bathroom more than eight to eleven times in the day, it is generally a symptom of a serious health problem. Bladder problems and urinary incontinence can cause leakage of urine in the simplest activities like sneezing, coughing, lifting objects, bending or exercising. People suffering from this condition feel sudden, strong urges to pass urine right away and they can even leak urine without any warning. The problem can take a severe route when patients start wetting their beds while sleeping.

If you go to the bathroom several times in a day, you may be sick!

Though this problem occurs more often as people get older, urinary incontinence can be caused as a result of any underling medical condition like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, or after a surgery. When women are undergoing menopause or are pregnant, the pelvic floor muscles start weakening and cause incontinence as well as problems in bowel movements. Urinary incontinence can affect the quality of life and even cause other health problems. It begins to affect personal relationships as patients start withdrawing themselves from all social activities. They develop a fear of leaking in public and the public embarrassment that they have to face. This curtails their aazadi or freedom to live life on their own terms.

Doctors and healthcare professionals often suggest the use of adult diapers to manage incontinence. Adult diapers are widely available in India these days. There are several types of adult diapers found in pharmacy stores in India that serve a wide range of needs for incontinence patients. Unlike other incontinence products, patients do not have to undergo the trouble of understanding how to wear an adult diaper or how to use adult dry pants because these are very simple and convenient to use. They can be worn like a normal underwear and changed within minutes. They are super absorbent and provide no discomfort to patients, allowing them the freedom to go about their work with ease.

Adult diapers to manage incontinence

Older patients who have difficulty in standing or walking often have the worry of leaking and staining in bed. They usually keep themselves near a bathroom all day and at night, they rush to the bathroom to avoid the accident of messing their clothes. This increases the risk of falls which can be fatal for them. Caretakers should purchase good quality under pads for bed that are waterproof and absorb the flow without staining the bedsheet and bedcovers. It will be of great help to relieve the minds of patients who are constantly anxious and stay up at night to avoid the mortification of bedwetting. Under pads for bed will provide freedom to sleep without worries and stay well-rested at night so that patients can wake up fresh to a new day.

Younger patients suffering from incontinence sink into depression

Younger patients suffering from incontinence slowly start sinking into depression when they have to make several trips to the bathroom during the day. It affects their work and social interactions. Many do not find it comfortable to visit and open up to a doctor for the fear of being ridiculed by peers. They often have the question - how do I wear an adult diaper – because they are concerned of it being visible over the clothes or not being absorptive enough. Some even feel ashamed of going and buying these products over the counter. These mental roadblocks get in the way of proper treatment and management of incontinence. For this reason, adult diapers are now available for sale over the internet in India to make sure that patients do not have to feel awkward and can get timely help.

With increasing awareness in such matters, people are slowly opening up and wholeheartedly adopting the use of adult diapers and dry pants because these products empower a patient’s life, giving them the aazadi to enjoy every minute and stay focused on their tasks without rushing to the bathroom several times in a day.