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During the first few weeks post-pregnancy, you are likely to experience vaginal bleeding and discharge. This occurs because your vagina is trying to heal itself and go back to its normal state. New moms should be armed with the best maternity pads after delivery. How do you choose the right ones for your needs? Which features should you look out for in maternity pads? All of this and much more to come in this article; keep reading to find out.


The occurrence of vaginal discharge plays a very important physiological function. It is to release vaginal tissues that were formed inside the uterus for cushioning the baby comfortably since they are no longer needed. 

The medical term for this phenomenon is lochia. Its purpose is to remove leftover tissues from the pregnancy, prevent infections and help return the reproductive organs to their normal functioning state. 

For almost all women, this discharge is very heavy and difficult to manage. Cloth or regular sanitary pads are no good at curbing this flow. Since this flow has a lot of blood clots; regular pads fail to absorb them in, leaving the top layer of the pad wet with moisture and dampness.

After delivery, if yours was a vaginal birth, you are more than likely to have vaginal stitches. They are very delicate. The last thing you would want is to irritate these stitches with the wetness and coarse surface of the top layer of a regular sanitary pad or, even worse, contract an infection. Then, what is your best solution? Maternity pads!


The best maternity pads are those which can be comfortably worn even without the use of underwear and are gentle on ribbed, sensitive skin. Friends are the best maternity pads in India. Friends pregnancy pads are known for their higher absorbency and superior softness. These new mom pads are available in two styles: Loop style and Sticker Tape Style.

Loop Style Maternity Pads can be worn even without underwear! This is especially useful when you have just undergone a vaginal delivery, and anything could irritate the sensitive skin and stitches of your vulva. Friends Loop Style Maternity Pads come with elastic loops. These can be attached to the ends of your pad and glided up your hips to act as underwear and an absorbent pad.

Sticker Tape Style Maternity Pads can be stuck onto your underwear. They can be used in the later days of your postpartum. These can be taken off like regular sanitary pads off of your underwear after use and discarded.

Maternity pads are certainly the best postpartum products to manage bleeding, but we would encourage you to go out there and explore all your options and choose products that best suit your needs.