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Sometimes, it can feel like you’re urinating 20 times a day, and the urge strikes you at the most inconvenient of times too! But if this is happening too often for you, give this article a read to find out what could be the reason. 

Did you know that urinating more than eight times in a day is not normal? It can be an indication of several health conditions. In such a case, wondering “why do I pee so much!?” is the right thing to do. Here’s all the reasons why you’re rushing to the bathroom every five minutes.

Causes of Frequent Urination: 9 Reasons for Peeing So Often

Too much Water

“Why am I peeing so much?” you’re drinking too much water! Just take it a little easy. It might seem obvious to you that drinking more water will make you pee more. Here’s something you might not have realized; foods contain water content too. The melon you had after lunch? Yeah, a lot of water. Follow this simple rule: Drink enough water to keep your urine clear or light yellow in color, but not so much that you’re abandoning important tasks to rush to the bathroom.


If you experience frequent urination after drinking water, chances are that you have contracted a urinary tract infection. A UTI irritates the organs of the urinary tract including your kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. Your bladder is unable to hold urine like normal and you end up rushing to the bathroom it seems every time you even take a sip of a liquid. Having a UTI can make you experience cloudy urine, bloody urine, strange-smelling or painful urination. Consult a doctor immediately.


Experiencing a frequent urge is often the first signs of diabetes. Diabetes raises your blood sugar level; the kidneys try to filter it out but often they fail. This unfiltered sugar then ends up in your urine. This draws out more water from your body and increases your urge to pee more often.


Diuretics are often used to control high blood pressure and to treat liver and kidney problems. They are also known as water medicines. They can make you release more salt or sodium into your urine which makes you pee more often.

Painful Bladder Syndrome

A Painful Bladder Syndrome can make it really difficult for you to pee or have sex. You feel the urge to go quite often but nothing really comes out. The exact reason for this has not been discovered yet, but it seems like this happens when your bladder becomes swollen and sensitive.

You should immediately visit a doctor and get treatment.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can often cause nausea, fever, chills and pain in your sides and back that often reaches your nether regions too. Kidney stones sometimes come out on their own if they are small enough or you might need to consult a doctor for surgery.


If you’re pregnant and asking yourself, “why do I have to pee so much?” here’s why. The uterus, where a baby grows is located right above your bladder. A pregnant mom’s bladder often has to take a lot of pressure from the baby that’s pushing down on it. This affects the holding capacity of the bladder, making you pee more often.


Vaginitis is an infection of the vagina that you might contract because of yeast, bacteria, viruses, medication, or hormonal changes. You might hurt while having sex or peeing. You might even notice vaginal discharge and smell along with the urge to pee more often. Visit a doctor immediately.

Too Much Alcohol or Caffeine

Coffee and alcohol act as diuretics. Often flushing out more water from your body than is needed. If you absolutely have to drink alcohol, keep sipping some water along with it. The effects of coffee might not be as grave as alcohol’s; but it still does the same thing to your body. So, limit your coffee and alcohol intake if you’re peeing too often.

Frequent Urination Treatment: What to do if you pee quite often?

For starters, watch your water intake. How long to urinate after drinking water? Water doesn’t take long to absorb into your body. If you keep yourself hydrated at all times, you might have to pee within ten minutes of drinking water. Or if you’re dehydrated the urge to urinate might not strike for as long as nine to ten hours! 

Why do I pee so much at night?” or “why do I experience excessive urination in morning?” If you’re drinking liquids before jumping into bed this shouldn’t come as a big revelation to you, really. Haldi-doodh at night might be helping your joints and muscle pain, but it’s causing problems elsewhere.

Here’s some other things that might help;

  • Performing Kegels exercises

  • Bladder training

  • Avoiding spicy food

  • Limiting your alcohol and coffee intake

If frequent urination is disrupting your quality of life, get things checked out at a doctor’s as soon as possible.