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Overactive bladder or OAB is a condition in which the person feels an intense and sudden urge to pee so frequently that they might not be able to hold it in and leak urine in their pants. This condition is also known as urinary incontinence. Most of the time, this passing of urine is unconscious and unintentional.

This condition is more common in people of the older generation, even more in older women. You might suffer from an overactive bladder if somebody in your family has it. Women who have given birth, too, suffer from this condition, but it usually stops with time.


You could be suffering from an overactive bladder because of muscle damage. It can stop a nerve in your bladder from functioning as it should. You could have muscle damage because of:

  • Surgery


Keep an eye on these symptoms to help treat an overactive bladder more efficiently:

  • Dribbling small amounts of urine

  • Passing urine unintentionally

  • An intense urge to pass urine which is uncontrollable

  • Wetting of your bed due to passing urine


Some factors might increase your risk of having urinary incontinence and bladder issues. They are as follows:

Gender – Women are more likely to get bladder issues because of bodily processes like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and just how the female body is engineered. These processes exert pressure on your bladder and make the surrounding muscles weak, resulting in incontinence.

Age – As we have mentioned before, age is a huge factor that contributes to the issues of urine leakage. What happens is that with age, your muscles and nerves in and around the urinary tract become weak. This can lead to you dribbling small amounts of urine or completely losing control over your bladder.

Smoking – Consuming tobacco can be a cause of you suffering from incontinence.

Weight – Being overweight increases pressure on your bladder, muscles, and nerves.

Diseases – some diseases such as diabetes or other neurological disorders can cause you to suffer from urinary incontinence.

Genes – If you have a family history of incontinence, you have a higher chance of developing it too.

Chronic incontinence can cause a lot of complications. Some are as follows:

Skin problems – Your chances of developing skin infections and rashes are very high because your skin comes in constant contact with wetness and bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infections – You can have UTIs because of stress incontinence, a type of incontinence in which your bladder doesn’t completely empty itself. This retained urine in the bladder creates a risk of spreading bacteria and infections.

Personal life – Urinary incontinence can cause a lot of guilt, shame, and embarrassment for the person suffering from it. Your personal, professional, and social life may be severely affected.


How to control frequent urination is the question that plagues you day and night? Here are some general practices to involve in your daily routine to help with an overactive bladder:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight

  • Avoiding consumption of bladder irritants such as caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, carbonated drinks, acidic foods, etc.

  • Eating foods with more fiber content prevents constipation which is a major cause of incontinence, especially in adults

  • Doing Kegels exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

  • Train your bladder to hold pee in for longer durations of time by holding off going to the bathroom

Apart from these, you can try out some natural home remedies for urine leakage from around the world. These can also be used as natural remedies for overactive bladder at night:

Cleavers – this plant’s leaves are usually brewed in tea, and people believe that it also helps with incontinence by soothing the bladder.

Buchu or barosma betulina – this flowering plant from South Africa has been used for ages to treat conditions like stomach aches, kidney infections, overactive bladder and much more.

Corn silk – a by-product of corn cultivation, is used to treat bladder ailments in countries like France and China.

You should note that these home remedies are what people have found useful to test out on their own. They do not have any scientific backing, and we do not promote the usage of these ingredients without the aid of a medical professional. 


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