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Proper skin care is vital for people managing incontinence, and diaper rashes and irritation are prevalent concerns. Although not typically severe in the beginning, if left untreated, diaper rashes can worsen over time.

In this blog, let’s discuss the causes behind diaper rashes and irritation and look at ways to treat them. Since you’re here to find solutions to diaper rashes, you might also need assistance in picking the right diaper for you; we’ve got you covered there too. Keep reading!

Causes of Diaper Rashes and Irritation

There are a number of things that can lead to painful adult diaper rashes and irritation.

1. Moisture

Waiting too long between diaper changes is one of the most common reasons for diaper rashes. Any kind of wetness can irritate your skin if left for too long, but our skin is especially sensitive to sweat and urine. So, it’s no surprise that wet diapers can cause rashes. Diarrhoea can also cause diaper rashes as faecal matter can be more irritating than urine.

2. Chafing

Chafing happens when folds of skin stick to each other for a long period, or when the materials of the diaper rub against the skin causing friction. If you suspect your diaper rashes are caused by chaffing, then there’s a good chance you are wearing the wrong size of diaper for you.

3. Poor hygiene

You might change your diapers multiple times a day, but if the diapering area is not cleaned well between diaper changes, then you’re not doing yourself any favours. There might still be residual urine and faeces on the skin, which can cause diaper rashes and irritation.  

4. Allergies

Sometimes, you may just be allergic to a material or chemical used in the adult diaper. If you’ve tried changing diaper brands and are still experiencing repeated diaper rashes, you may be allergic to a barrier cream or ointment if you are using any.

5. Infection

Warm, moist, and dark environments are the perfect breeding grounds for yeast and fungal infections. All the more reason to change diapers often.

Treatment for Diaper-Related Skin Issues

Adult diaper rash treatment involves very simple yet crucial steps that work towards both providing relief from diaper rash symptoms and promoting healing.

1. Change diapers regularly:

Even minimal moisture can hinder the healing process of the rash. Change into a fresh diaper as soon as you come into contact with moisture or wetness, or as soon as the wetness indicator changes colour or fades away.

2. Practice gentle cleansing:

Between each diaper change, use lukewarm water and mild, fragrance-free soap to cleanse the diapering area. Avoid excessive scrubbing though, as it may irritate the rash.

3. Dry thoroughly:

Get a gentle towel and pat the area dry instead of rubbing to dry the area thoroughly. You can also allow the skin to air out for a few minutes before dressing.

4. Apply a diaper rash cream to the irritated area:

There are many over-the-counter diaper rash creams and lotions that contain zinc oxide that can soothe the irritated skin and create a protective barrier against additional chaffing. Apply diaper rash creams generously when treating diaper rashes. For those who prefer a natural approach, applying coconut oil or aloe vera gel can also soothe your skin and provide relief.

5. Find the right diaper:

Make sure your diaper fits you properly without being overly tight. A comfortable and well-fitted diaper can reduce friction and promote healing.

Remember, proper care and consistency are the keys to getting the best results. However, if the irritation doesn’t go away or gets worse over time, then it’s a smart move to consult your doctor.

Preventing Diaper Rashes and Irritation

The best thing about diaper rashes is that they can be effectively prevented. To prevent diaper rashes, follow these steps:

  • Find a diaper that fits you just right, neither too tight nor too lose.
  • Change diapers as soon as they get wet or spoiled.
  • Clean the diapering area thoroughly between each change.
  • Bathe at least once a day.
  • Avoid wearing excessively tight-fitting clothes.

If a diaper rash does develop, treat it immediately to avoid any discomfort.

Choosing the Right Adult Diaper

While the diaper rash causes mentioned above are not directly caused by diapers, but more by negligence and improper care, finding the right diaper for you can not only aid in the healing process, but also help prevent future diaper rashes. Here are some tips to finding the right diaper:

  • Absorbency counts: Choose a diaper with the right level of absorbency for your needs. No one wants leaks or excessive skin contact with moisture.
  • Material matters: Look for diapers made from soft, skin-friendly materials. Steer clear of those with harsh chemicals, fragrances, or latex.
  • Size and fit: Your diaper should fit like a glove – snug but not too tight. It should offer proper coverage without restricting movement.
  • Should be breathable: Opt for diapers designed to be breathable. This helps reduce moisture build up and keeps your skin happier.
  • Brand matters: Research and go for reputable brands known for their quality and commitment to skin health.

Now, your search for the right diaper ends with Friends Adult Diapers! Friends Adult Diapers are all about making you feel comfy and keeping your skin happy. With over 20 years of experience in the diaper manufacturing business, we understand our customers better than anyone and use top-notch technology and innovative designs to meet all your incontinence-related needs.

Friends Adult Diapers:

  • Can offer up to 16 hours of protection from wetness and moisture depending on the variant.
  • Are crafted from soft, skin-friendly materials, so no more worrying about irritation and rashes.
  • Are designed to provide an airy, breathable fit to allow airflow and prevent moisture build up.
  • Are 100% free from any harmful chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that might cause rashes or irritation.
  • Are available in sizes ranging from S to XL, and even XXL in some variants, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you.

So, there you have it! Friends Adult Diapers is here to make your diapering experience pleasant! Skin health is crucial, and when it comes to adult diapers, a little care goes a long way. With the right knowledge of diapers and diaper rashes, and a right diaper choice, you can ensure your diapering experience is comfortable and worry-free.


Is diaper rash bacterial or fungal?

Diaper rash can be caused by both bacterial and fungal factors, but the most common cause is irritation from prolonged exposure to moisture, friction, and irritants like urine and faeces. In some cases, a diaper rash can become infected with bacteria (bacterial diaper rash) or fungi (fungal diaper rash).

Can adult diaper rash be serious?

While most adult diaper rashes are mild and can be easily treated with proper care and hygiene, they can potentially become serious if left untreated or if there are underlying health issues. Severe diaper rash can lead to skin breakdown, open sores, and secondary infections.

How long does a diaper rash last?

The duration of a diaper rash can vary depending on its cause, severity, and how it's treated. Mild diaper rashes may clear up within a day or two with proper care, while more severe rashes may take several days to a week or longer to heal. Consistent diaper changes, keeping the area clean and dry, and using appropriate creams or ointments can speed up the healing process.

What are some diaper rash remedies for instant relief?

While there's no instant fix for diaper rash, you can take steps to provide relief:

  • Change diapers frequently and keep the diapering area clean and dry.
  • Avoid harsh soaps or wipes.
  • Apply barrier cream or ointment with zinc oxide generously after cleaning.
  • Allow the affected area to air out between diaper changes.

If the rash persists or worsens, consult a doctor for further evaluation.

What is the difference between diaper rash and fungal infection?

Here are the differences between diaper rash and fungal infections:

  • Diaper rash: Diaper rash is a general term for skin irritation in the diaper area. It's often caused by prolonged exposure to moisture, friction, and irritants in diapers. Diaper rash can be red, inflamed, and tender but doesn't always involve fungi. It's typically treated with proper hygiene, barrier creams, and keeping the area dry.
  • Fungal infection: A fungal diaper rash, often caused by Candida yeast, is a specific type of diaper rash. It tends to be bright red without well-defined borders and may have small red bumps or boils. It can be more stubborn and require antifungal creams or ointments, prescribed by a healthcare provider.
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