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Urinary tract infection, which is one of the causes of incontinence, is basically an infection that attacks a part of the urinary tract, be it kidney, bladder, ureters, or urethra. So, if UTIs are not treated in a timely manner, they can not only be exhausting and painful but also irritate the bladder, thereby causing urinary incontinence. It can be managed with adult diapers but if it is not paid attention to, it can get worse. Friends Adult Diapers offer highly effective, comfy adult diapers online that you can use to bring annoying situations to a minimum.

However, UTIs can be treated with antibiotics, within a short time. But, it can also reoccur, which is the reason some patients are advised to continue taking antibiotics in low doses, even after the initial medication has treated their infection. Women are more likely to suffer from UTIs than men, because the size of the urethra in women is less than the size of the urethra in men, which makes it easier for the bacteria or fungus to reach the internal parts of the urinary tract. Bacteria from faeces is the most probable reason for UTIs, but fungal or viral infections can also cause UTIs. Some of the symptoms include a sense of burning while urinating, concentrated urine, pelvic pain, or frequent urination. Since urinary incontinence is also associated with frequent yet unexpected urination, it can also lead to UTIs if the patient catches skin infections, due to the fluid left in a soaked diaper.

Here are some home remedies that can help to fight UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)

1. Drink plenty of water

A well-hydrated body is always linked to regular and healthy urination. Regular urination ensures that the bacteria gets flushed from the urinary tract. So, drinking plenty of water can minimize the possibility of UTIs.

2. Consume unadulterated cranberry juice

Consuming unsweetened cranberry juice is known to be one of the best ways to prevent UTIs. Cranberry prevents bacteria from clinging onto an infection, which reduces the risk of UTIs. Other than organic, unadulterated cranberry juice, you can also try cranberry extracts. Besides, natural supplements like D-Mannose, Garlic extract, and bearberry leaves can also minimize the risk of UTIs.

3. Use probiotics

Consumed via food or natural supplements, probiotics are microorganisms that nullify the presence of bacteria in your stomach, and enhance your digestive system and its immunity. So, having probiotics, even if taken along with antibiotics, can reduce the chances of UTIs immensely. They can also be found in fermented foods like kimchi, kefir, and probiotic yoghurt.

4. Boost your consumption of Vitamin C

A healthy amount of Vitamin C in your body is a must, because it enhances the acidic quotient of your urine, which eventually kills the bacteria responsible for UTIs. So, regular consumption of Vitamin C through edibles like red peppers, grapefruits, kiwis, tomatoes, and oranges can protect you from UTIs.

5. Wipe from front to back

Bacteria usually tend to reside around the anus. So, wiping from front to back, particularly after taking a stool, will make it more difficult for bacteria to reach the urethra, thereby significantly reducing the risk of UTIs.

It is fair to say that, there is a strong correlation between urinary incontinence and UTIs. So, ensuring healthy and regular urination can help prevent UTIs and urinary incontinence to a great extent. Other than the suggestions listed above, incorporating lifestyle changes like washing up before sexual intercourse and urinating after it, and minimizing the use of spermicide, is also an effective way to prevent UTIs and the accompanying irritation. 

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