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Urinary incontinence or the loss of bladder control in adults can vary from a slight loss of urine due to sneezing, coughing or laughing to having a complete inability to control urination. It is a distressing problem that can bring many lifestyle changes and can even curtail the freedom of a person. People suffering from incontinence are often agitated and keep themselves near a clean restroom to avoid the mortification of leaking and staining their clothes in public. 

Aazadi Mubaarak from infections with anti-bacterial adult dry pants

Like everybody else, patients suffering from incontinence too, yearn for freedom from health issues. The incontinence problem slowly starts affecting every aspect of their life, to the point that they start self-isolating themselves for the fear of leakage and contracting infections. To gain aazadi or freedom from the limitations that urinary incontinence imposes on their daily life, patients find the usage of adult dry pants and diapers as a solution to not only manage their inability to control urine better, but also to regain control over their daily life.

Diaper pants for adults are a viable option as they can be worn over regular clothing and help in avoiding discomfort when bladder leaks occur. They provide patients with the aazadi to move about with ease and carry on all their social interactions and work without hindrance. These diapers can be worn throughout the day and are convenient to change. Overnight diaper pants for adults are more absorbent and provide longer hours of protection, helping patients to stay well-rested at night.

A crucial aspect of incontinence care involves keeping the patients clean and comfortable to prevent infections. Patients or their caregivers must pay importance towards buying good quality adult diapers and other incontinence products. Purchasing high-quality adult dry pants will ensure that patients are at ease and they have freedom from skin irritation. Skin inflammations restrain patients from living freely and independently. The trapped heat and moisture in poor quality products give rise to diaper rash. Diaper rash and the infections can be caused due to poor genital hygiene or allergic reactions to perfumes, or materials in the adult diapers or dry pants. These give rise to bacterial and fungal infections which cause redness, itching, swelling and pain. Furthermore, it also starts affecting the mental and emotional well-being of the patient as they start feel shackled and helpless.

 Diaper pants for adults - Friends Diaper

Sometimes, a person can contract Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) where microbes get in one’s bladder and rest of the urinary tract through their urine. This amplifies the risk among incontinence patients who have an increased urgency to urinate and experience severe pain and a burning feeling while urinating. To prevent UTI and other infections as well as keep diaper rash and skin inflammation problems at bay, patients or caregivers must wash the skin around their private parts and wipe it thoroughly using disposable sanitary wipes or towels before putting on their diaper pants. This small self-care tip can go a long way to protect the patients from catching infections and allow them to move about without constraints.

While choosing diaper pants for adults, caretakers and patients should note that they are made from anti-allergic anti-bacterial material. Hypoallergenic material in adult dry pants prevents skin infections by absorbing urine and allowing the skin to breathe. Investing in such high absorbency pads can not only relieve from frequently changing the diapers, but also save more money as one would not need to make multiple purchases. This will keep them safe and mitigate any fear of infections or germs from their mind. 

Patients should only buy soft and comfortable anti-bacterial adult diapers and dry pants so that there is no skin damage from chafing or rubbing. Through this, they can enjoy the aazadi of movement without experiencing any pain or discomfort and participate in all activities without being conscious and uncomfortable at all times. To preserve their freedom, they should remember to bathe twice a day with warm or mild water and avoid using scented soaps or body washes. Before wearing the diaper, they should allow the area to get some air for a few minutes. In case caretakers are using a washable diaper instead of a disposable one, they should clean the product well and make sure it is fully dried and sanitized before the next use.

By using super absorbent anti-bacterial adult diapers and dry pants, urinary incontinence patients can experience aazadi from the anxiety and apprehension of contracting infections. It can liberate the patients mind from the adverse thoughts of being afflicted with pain due to infections, more health complications, increasing medication and visits to the doctor.  They are truly aazad or free to live a life without stress. The fear of public shame or infections will no longer inhibit them to enjoy every moment.